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  1. Yo man, OFFICIAL!!!

  2. LOL yes I do remember. With Fred, I don't really think they're buddy buddies cause Fred thinks he's an ******* anyway. Alot of people have opened their eyes and realized what true piece of shit TS is

  3. Nah man, it's all good. You're absolutely right. And at least you don't engage it any further. At least he's not a pest over here (I'm sure that'll change, I'm betting money Terrorpain will turn on him LOL)

  4. Yeah I know, dude is just as delusional as Terrorpain Station himself. Very sad indeed. I was kind of irritated about something else when I had read that post and just had to respond. And on top of that, I cannot stand attention seekers and people who think the world revolves around them. I know I told FG that several times.


    Sad sad person, and he's following in the right footsteps to be completely miserable. What a buffoon.

  5. Ah ok. It's cool. I wasn't there long anyway. I had rolled up in 0058, walked around the depot to check out other happenings then kept it moving.

  6. haha, thanks man!


    no train riding today, I can pass on the comets, give me multilevels anyday :D

  7. Dan! Happy birthday my dude!!

  8. haha, I know, same could be said for me. But yes, it was nice meeting ya as well! Gotta do that again sometime soon

  9. Nice meeting you too!

  10. Definitely a strange story indeed.


    Thanks 70(EE), you have a great day too.

  11. Yeah, it was like the first thing I woke up to this morning. I haven't read the whole story behind it but I don't think I want to know. I think the images did justice because thats just ridiculous. Totally killed the AM rush for NWK-WTC service. It's usually around that time too that I would take the PATH to Newark, but only on mondays if I have to go back to New Brunswick.

  12. OMG no. And I live down the street from there.

  13. Happy New Year to ya (EE)!


    My bird Paulina is doing great, crazy as she can ever be. :)

  14. eh, I don't care too much for the Beacon, although it seems done, they just have some other work that needs to be done from what I observe when I pass it. Those bus route you said still stand. And the 125 has always suck during the weekends (and weekday service isn't that much better). Weekend schedule has been the same for a few years now.

  15. Well alright! And bushwick? I think you mean Brunswick! NEW Brunswick at that. Now thats getting Arab Money! LOL!

  16. Yup, still with the #4. But I've been impressed with Red & Tan lately, they made a schedule change this past May and it has held up well for the most part. They finally realized that sometimes the trip from Merritt Street to Newport Mall is not possible in 30 minutes, so they timed the trip for 35 minutes and give drivers a layover of 10 minutes at each end to make up if they fall behind. Although headways were cut abit, at least the service has been more reliable. But sadly the same can't be said for the #10 which they really screwed up. In other news, I have service to Journal Square in my area again with the extension of the 6.

  17. Hey EE, I've been good man, just dealing with school and work. How you've been?

  18. Haha! Awesome video you have there Fred.....

  19. Should be making music videos again soon so watch out for them!

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