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  1. Wow, thats crazy. 1539 was in really bad shape the last time I rode so glad it got put out of it's misery. I know there was more that was retired but I couldn't get the numbers of the units. Not at all. R&T cut too much service back in November. They have the eight 563x's NABI buses and then some RTSes. Now, they may need more NABI's when their other RTS buses are retired, but for the time being, they're alright.
  2. Yup, can't tell some of these folks anything. Best to let them be in for the rude awakening....
  3. That's not what I was told and heard from others while I was training. Flaggers are conductors that get paid their regular salary plus an extra dollar per hour.
  4. Wow, congrats! So they did go for that November class. Interesting, transit really does need people in there.
  5. Yo man, OFFICIAL!!!

  6. Now the real good stuff begins. Just give 110% attention to your instructors and get to know your classmates. You're going to have a good time with them, schoolcar is a great experience. All the instructors I've encountered are great too so hear them out. You'll do just fine. :tup:
  7. Somebody from Benefits will go and explain each form that needs to be filled out. I waited til I got there to fill them out so I made sure I was entering the information they needed correctly.
  8. I heard it's going to be a B division class. You'll find out either the first or second day at 130 Livingston.
  9. Question to those already hired, done the training, doing training now. What exactly do you need to fill out in the Employees Benefit packet? Thanks.
  10. Thanks! I do not know the size of the class yet. Thank you! Thanks! Thank you sir. Will definitely keep those tips in mind. Thanks brother! Thanks! I'll definitely keep you guys posted.
  11. Yes I did. I had my medical earlier in the week and was hired. I begin training Sept. 26th.
  12. Well then my mistake. YDove C, decide wisely. B)
  13. You should be able to get through this fall semester before you get a letter in the mail. I believe the folks in the 400s have not received their letters yet and you being in the 600s, it can take some time til you receive a letter and go through the hiring process. I'm in the same situation as you and PATCOman. I had to take a temporary leave from school to start with the MTA. It was a decision I made long ago that if the MTA finally contacted me for the C/R job, I would take it and finish school at a later date if need be. It's to get my foot in the door with the MTA. So it is all up to you. Hopefully by next year in the fall I can go back to taking some classes. It's tough these days so one has to take the better opportunities and make sacrifices where needed.
  14. Thanks. Was wondering if the hoopla from last week's weather affected it.

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