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  1. The way this is being handled makes me think they are trying to get the locals to turn on one another during these contract talks. I don't think it had anything to do with stretching dollars....it's more like "lets see if we can sneak this one by them".




    While the idea of the new stop is nice and could definitely be used. And the bickering from the union may seem silly, I see where they're coming from.

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    Yes, your boy is still alive! Just been busy with work (which has been going very well for those wondering).


    Was browsing around the BX (STAND UP!!) and ran into our latest product by New Flyer Industries, XD60 "Xcelsior" Low Floor Articulated #4710 on a test run.

































    And two recent shots of Nova LFSA #5798 on the Bx12 +Select Bus Service+...















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  3. Very awesome shots!


    These are excellent shots! :(

    Nice to see the C40LF on the B70!

    Thanks guys!


    I thought I was looking @my Depot:) I'm still waiting for that epic day young man ,You know what I'm talking about;) Keep getting these bus shots homie cuz you was always good at it


    You already know man. Thanks brotha!

  4. Around late last year, I bought a one way ticket for 165 westwood I never used..

    it's still in my wallet... thing is faded beyond belief; already started changing colors....


    I held on to it b/c a] I didn't know if there was an expiration date or w/e, and :( (under the assumption that the ticket lasts forever), I was goin use the thing during whenever I felt like NJT fanning.... problem w/ that was, all that time I was NJT fanning, aint feel like takin the 165.....



    So should I rip this thing up & chuck it already, or is it still good ??

    Off topic but man, your signature has me crackin' up! LOL

  5. Looks like some 2000 Nova's are also being retired especially the ex-Red an Tan's

    1539 is retired; caught it on the NJ Turnpike exit 16W.


    bus 002 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    bus 003 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Wow, thats crazy. 1539 was in really bad shape the last time I rode so glad it got put out of it's misery. I know there was more that was retired but I couldn't get the numbers of the units.

    So this means R & T is getting some 59xx series. no?


    Not at all. R&T cut too much service back in November. They have the eight 563x's NABI buses and then some RTSes. Now, they may need more NABI's when their other RTS buses are retired, but for the time being, they're alright.

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