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  1. Ok, the first photo asked what it is, well its an R12/14. The second one, which would be the PATH car, would be a K series car.
  2. I would recommend BVE if you don't want to spend your money. But if you want to buy something, get Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) or Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006. With MSTS you get a good Amtrak route, a good Tokyo, Japan route, and good US freight route. And the add on routes are great like the Berlin Subway.
  3. I see the Stagecoach buses in one of the photos..... Not the NJ ones.
  4. Awesome shots! I have an interest in Trainz and own a copy of Trainz 2006 but it doesn't work on my computer.
  5. Just make an NJT special and I'll be fine! As long I get to operate some Arrow IIIs and ALP-46s!
  6. Do you have the 4thAve and LefShut object folders in the right spot?
  7. Holy smokes! What a collection Zach! I got to get me more transit memorabilia.....
  8. Another sad thing about Satan Island is the way they maintain everything. From the SIR R44s to the buses, mainly the buses. It all comes down to the case where the MTA don't care much for that borough. They sometimes do nice things to show that they haven't totally forgot about them before the ppl start riots.
  9. Can you provide a screenshot? But the message sounds kind of strange. BTW, do you use BVE Route Randomizer?
  10. You can, just need to know what you got to do. I don't have Vista but it was talked very well in TransitStuff on how to do it. Heres the thread: http://transitstuff.iforumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1740&mforum=transitstuff
  11. BVE is great. Its fun and a good program to kill off some time. I especially like the London Underground routes, very well detailed, great trains, fun routes. And its good for those who can't travel to other cities to visit a system and so they get a nice sneak peak or idea of how its like.
  12. Kawasaki would be the most likely manufacturer of the R179s. There is no design for them as of yet but just a big speculation of it looking like R160s. As for trying to submit a design, try to pass it to both the MTA and Kawasaki.......
  13. I would have to say the NEC line myself. I am fond of the Tokyo route though.
  14. Ya, new SIR cars is what goes around more than hand me downs from NYC. They might be the new 75 footer tech cars (supposedly the R179) or a modified version of the M8s. Still unknown but the R44s at SIR now will be around a little after 2010.
  15. Haha, trust me, I've thought of even more outrageous ideas. This actually isn't as hard as it seems, its just trying to lay down 3rd rail and power it. But its a long process for the entire thing anyway.
  16. One place it will definately have to go to if that were happen is Jersey Gardens just outside Elizabeth and across the highway from EWR. Definately will affect what goes on at SI Mall. But major work would be needed to be done if the MTA one days wants to try something like your idea, is to put 3rd rail and also make repairs needed on the bridge if need so.
  17. Wow, that looks absolutely great! Now this is a model I might really consider getting if I have extra moolah on the side.....
  18. Very nice pics Zach! Like the Oakwood Heights shots best.
  19. Yeah man, that R40 looks great! Something I would get if someone would give to me as gift. I got a few trips planned so I'll need all the moolah I get for that.
  20. The day NJT decides to run HBLR to SI, HBLR SHOULD and WILL run on that line. Remember, the Bayonne Bridge has provisions for rail to run on it. And also, PANYNJ wants to build a new Bayonne Bridge, so they can build it with provisions for HBLR to run on it.
  21. Nice! Now, imagine Joisey stadtbahn (HBLR) running on that.....
  22. Looks like how SEPTA's Comet Vs would be if they get any.....

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