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  1. Well then my mistake. YDove C, decide wisely. B)
  2. You should be able to get through this fall semester before you get a letter in the mail. I believe the folks in the 400s have not received their letters yet and you being in the 600s, it can take some time til you receive a letter and go through the hiring process. I'm in the same situation as you and PATCOman. I had to take a temporary leave from school to start with the MTA. It was a decision I made long ago that if the MTA finally contacted me for the C/R job, I would take it and finish school at a later date if need be. It's to get my foot in the door with the MTA. So it is all up to you. Hopefully by next year in the fall I can go back to taking some classes. It's tough these days so one has to take the better opportunities and make sacrifices where needed.
  3. The two 1500s that ONE Bus has are 1548 and 1549. It's just drivers taking out whatever bus is sitting there.
  4. Ah. 1538 is one of the Red & Tan Hudson County units. Which they do make their way to service on the ONE Bus routes, just like how ONE Bus units make their way onto the R&T Jersey City routes. They're within the same garage so the use of buses wherever are common. Does it still look like this? Courtesy of Richard Aaron
  5. I passed by the station yesterday, they cleaned it up nicely. Didn't look like that two weeks ago. Also, they recently put up small temp walls towards the front of the northbound platform for what I believe would be the Fulton Street connection.
  6. Thanks. Was wondering if the hoopla from last week's weather affected it.
  7. Oh excellent. That's great to hear. I'll probably see you there lol.
  8. I have a question regarding the current school car classes. Did a class start this past monday August 29th?
  9. It would be Yellow/Blue. For example towards 33rd Street, the display would be 33/HOB, and then towards Journal Square it would be JSQ/HOB. (The white background washes out the bright yellow on the page so my apologies. Hopefully you get the point.)
  10. lol. Time for the engine to get busy.
  11. There was two sets for the last month or two. Now I've only been seeing one running around for the last week....
  12. I was there thursday 8/18, my list number was 282. It was the same situation with me, most of the folks there were for other positions, especially car inspector.
  13. I went to 180 Livingston on 8/18 and still have not been called for the medical so it's a waiting game boys.
  14. Saw the train this morning while I was inbound to NYC. Haven't seen a new set of PA-5s go into service for a few weeks now so when it does (if it didn't already), that's when the days are numbered for that train of PA-4s.
  15. That's not the reason. The people in Chelsea didn't want the buses there. Get your facts straight.
  16. DesignLine if you're talking about a recent order for CNG buses.
  17. This move didn't happen and BoltBus departures to Washington D.C/Maryland will remain at 33rd Street & 7th Avenue until further notice.
  18. No Rail Service (except on the Atlantic City line) until further notice. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to run on it's weekend schedule.
  19. Flammable seats (yeah ok). That's a good one. The floor issue will be resolved soon enough and on property. There's already several PA-5s that had the old floors replaced already.
  20. You gotta post up the URL from the address bar. I don't think the forum code recognizes the share url YouTube gives (that's just my guess).
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