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  1. happy birthday!

  2. You're all damn Yankee lovers, thats why! But more seriously, I've been so damn busy lately. Hows New York treating you all?
  3. Hey guys, how's it going? Logged in here this morning and read: 16310 Unread Posts since your last visit. Guess that means I haven't been here in a while, huh? I've been good though, really busy with work. But, going on vacation in a few days. I also bought myself a new Canon ZR950 video camera, records in 16:9, so I'm happy about that. I may share some videos when I get em, of course. It's just been too damn rainy to get any decent shots. Anyhow, things are looking good here. Definitely picked up since my last visit. Nearly 900 members, huh? ~Dillon
  4. As good as they can be. Schools been tough, so.. Hence my huge absence. But hey- We all get caught up in life sometimes. I regret not coming back for a while. Missed you guys. B)
  5. I havent stopped in here in a while.. How are things going? Sites doing well? ... Do you remember me? B) ~Dillon
  6. The models look fantastic! Really, really great. I have one question, and I regret asking because it has nothing to do with the set.. but.. Where did you get the GMC RTS New York bus? I am in search of ANY RTS model bus. Edit: Is it one of those plastic coin-bank ones?
  7. They came out lookin awesome, dude. Keep up the great work!
  8. Your best bet skinning thse types of cars are the actual silverliners from Protrainz.com. Those cars (talking about the actual cars, your skins are great!) never appealed to me. They looked too much like an RDC without the roof and 'under carrage' units.
  9. Take for example this photo: The turnouts and switches need work. I'm all for out-of-shape tracks on straightaways.. but if a real engine were to go over this stand, it would cause some serious damage. And.. I'm not most people. I know tracks aren't perfect, but they wouldn't pass inspection if they were in the state some of the turnouts in this route is. And PLEASE do not think I am downing this route. I think it really fantastic, don't get me wrong!
  10. Looks GREAT! Needs a bit touching up on the track work though. Don't be afraid to use the straightening tools!
  11. Yeah, I'd say a wash station. See the box within the cadge over there? Is that some sort of high-pressure water pump? Or fuel? Maybe possibly it could be where they fuel the locomotives.. and they have the drain so the gas doesn't spill on the ground? Not too sure, but those are my two guesses.
  12. Thats great! I'd check your attachment points, and reconfigure the model to the exact middle. It looks like one side is a bit over the track than the other. But still! Very very good! Are the windows textures or part of the model?
  13. Just a note. TLW and UST have merged. This is old news, but I stumbled upon this post. You can find my NJT Comets here: http://www.uslw.net/downloads.php?action=view&id=108 Thanks for the cooperation!
  14. Cars are looking extraordinary, Skiing! Keep up the elite job!
  15. Originally shown to me on http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?t=72821 I cant wait! This blows KUJU's new simulator out, and.. well, anything could blow Auran out of the water.
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