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  1. thank you!so far I've been having a nice day.

  2. BJC

    How you've been?you still on 1 line?

  3. BJC

    I didn't even knew that was you at the stoop hang out until Dave told me that was u when u left....

  4. BJC

    Next time I will...I was standing by the front door watching you drinking from a blue can(it look like Brisk ice tea)

  5. BJC

    I saw you last Saturday night in the crew room at 9 PM(I guess it was you)I was on the train that was next heading out.

  6. BJC

    just another day at subchat...Brain make the board interesting with his post...early this year everybody thought he banned.

  7. BJC

    I saw it in the Reef...it was funny.If anything happen to him they will look for your post!My handle is bjc3914.

  8. BJC

    You got out of HS early?since you're in college and you're 17.

  9. BJC

    everybody hate him on that site....he all raise make good topics gone bad.I love it when the members make a comment like this ''I can't wait for friday nights or the weekend.

  10. BJC

    I've found that comment he made to GC very funny...he all raise attacking him on subchat

  11. BJC

    EGWWE,Dragonwinston,Bcena20.....I don't use aol that much besides checking my email.you didn't see my aim name in my profile?

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