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  1. Your name is off the list completely even though,you never told them directly to restore your name on the list?
  2. Ok,but i dont mind having people transferring from the S78 to whatever bus they need to get to travel south of New Drop...Under your Proposal I and other riders have to take two buses just to reach Tottenville from New Drop(include the 78 ride)I wont mind having a bus travel between New Drop and Tottenville....
  3. You could send the 78 to Hugenot and the S77 to Tottenville and beyond....I can deal with that.Riders will make one transfer from one bus to another.
  4. How bad is the S78,reliability wise?So,with your service adjustment to the 78,I have to transfer at lease two buses just to travel between Tottenville and New Drop?You could at lease create a direct route that run between Bricktown Mall and New Drop.Passenger dont have time to transfer from bus to bus to bus along Hylan....Since you want to shorten the 78,why not have it run to Richmond AV? This my three proposal ideas for the 78 route: 1.S78 terminated at Richmond AV,riders will transfer to the S59 for service south along Hylan in which it'll be extended to Bricktown Mall . 2.S73 extended past Tottenville train STA to Richmond AV....so riders will have a direct transfer with the 78.(I rather do this proposal than the other two) 3.S72 could run between New Drop and Bricktown Mall,instead Hugunot.....S78 will terminated at New Drop IMO,I like the current 78 service,it does it job by covering all the areas in one shout.There's no need to change it at all.It might look good on paper,but in reality it wont work out.
  5. I heard from some people,the Q114 made the Q111 unreliable during the midday....I dont know how its like during the rush hour.
  6. I really dont have issues with the other LTD routes...it just the Q114 I have issues with,that's all....most of the bus stops are wayyy too close to each other.
  7. Q114 have too many stops for a LTD route.imo
  8. What's yall opinion about the Q114?they really need to go back to the drawing board and fix this route.
  9. I know that,he already said it in the post....In his original post he assuming I didnt know the 89 was a rush hour bus,in which I knew...My post was just asking why it doesnt run midday and he answer the question.... I kinda figure thats how the 89 ridership is during the AM and PM rush hour.(reverse peak detection)
  10. I know the 89 doesn't run outside of rush hour,I was just asking whats the reason being.I know there was discussion on here in the past wanted the 89 to run outside of rush hour.
  11. How come the S89 doesn't run during the midday yet??ridership doesn't justify it?
  12. That's LGA for you....thoses Beeline buses were decent when they went to LGA.
  13. I see what you're saying,since I've been living here it's not as bad I though it will be...onece in while you will have people outside acting a fool since I live near a HS,but for the most part it's quite unlike Canarsie sometimes people there take things too far there,however Canarise is still not a bad place to live.Yea,I still visit Canarsie see how things goes over there.....I was just over there last week.While I was waiting for the 103 I look at the BM 2 timetable and I notices they cut alot runs for the weekday runs and i was like wow! As far transportation side goes,it could be better.....S 52 should run a little later on the weekends at lease,because I get tired walking home late at night where i'm tired.I could do it in the day time,but not in the night time.lol
  14. Random Question to VIA:How come you're not in SI anymore?you got tired of the BS unreliable express bus service on SI??
  15. Yep,I live by the ferry though,so that means I don't have relied on any express or local buses,even though I live right by the 42/52 route.
  16. ^^that what happen when someone take a 5 months off from this place.lol
  17. I hand't been here since the summer time,I see alot of stuff on this site had change....Shorline bus is a forum staff now??what is this world is coming too!
  18. you know what,didn't he said he going to stop posting on subchat?LMAO
  19. in be for FG and VIA G.....you know FG going to say this ''I have to pay $104 for this?''
  20. well,747 is back at SC,it still had CP sticker on it.
  21. I think Chicago Motor men is the biggest racist on there.

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