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NJ transit

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  1. Hes getting mostly or all of that from Aurans download station.:cool:
  2. Well, I started this the other day. All the track work is done and now all thats left is the scenery.:cool:(NJT)
  3. I got a question for you skiin. Are those P42s from TC?
  4. Lookin good skiin! I just downloaded your MTA cars like I said back on the fourm. Just so you know, my name here is not GERR. It is NJ transit. LOL!!!
  5. Just so you guys know that MSTS2 was canceled a while back. IT is MSTSX that is the new one that is coming out. It is going to beat Kujus sim by the long run I hear.
  6. I have that same problem too. I just don't worry about it though because I download things direct from the site anymore.:cool:
  7. Not yet. It comes to stores in October.:cool:
  8. It ships in about 2 days. I ordered mine on the day it came out and I am expecting it to arrive tommorow.
  9. I just bought mine online the day it came out, so now all I have to do is wait for it.
  10. Yes. I think it comes with Trainz 2006 in the owner manual. I have TRS 2006 but I never even looked a the manual.

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