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  1. Ok this is lookin great gandy. Next weekend i will bo home on sunday. send me the route in my email sunday night so i can work on it. Looks great.
  2. The shot train being over the edge is just fro the anle of the shot. For now the windows are just textures, though i do want to make them part of the mesh. just cause it is a tricky step with this model, though i am tryin when i can.
  3. Thats true. I am kinda stuck as far as textureing the doors go. I'm thinking of making them a slightly lighter grey.....
  4. The TCR Shuttle Train, coaches, Cab Car, and yet unmade diesel locomotive, are now a WIP. I have a shot of the coach first imported into trainz. I am aware of all the work that needs to be done.
  5. There is a video on youtube with it. just search TCR NJ commuter and you will find it.
  6. This is a great route that i have been working on, and is the official TCR route! Download: TCR Site Screens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2Lb6XPWNiI
  7. LOL thanks! Glad you guys like them! Also, please join the forums! We have quite a few downloads, as well as some noce sections. Not only that that is the only way to get these as of now.....
  8. I have made 3 new Commuter Cars that will be on the DLS soon. They are: 1. Shoreline East 2. New Haven 3. Metro North Classic Blue I am aware that 2 of these are in TC but these are for 06. All logos were painted by hand by me, and Buzz has given me permission to release them already. They can be downloaded already Here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Trainz_Commuter_Rail/index.php?showforum=3 They should be on the DLS soon. (if i manage to find time to uopload them with my busy schedule) Please give me some feedback and let me know what you think.
  9. I hace a comet II Cab car as a WIP. Pics and stuff can be found at my site and at auran. It is my first project. I am remaking it to be better for those who plan on comenting about its many issues... i am aware that there are many.
  10. Yuo NJT and i hate U u know i wanted to do that....... lol jk
  11. Yeah i'ver been hertaing about how bad it is. As of now the only plus i see is that i can finally make a good NJT cab car rather than the one i have:
  12. seems to me that evryone on the auran forums hate it for that too.
  13. Wow I Want Classics To Get Here Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I actually was reskinning it and then i got that news...... that was a **#*$^$*@#^to reskin too. Actually i have a lot of NJT stuff that i reskinned that NJT there has and has seen. We should have bi-levels if i can finishe the textures. Harry if you want them PM me and i can give you some things. or just search my username ion the DLS. If you still want to try i have to send about 4 textures. it is hard to do.

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