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  1. I hope the TA hurries up, and swap the R32 and R42 with the Atlantic Ocean, and get their R179's in, as they suppose to be doing soon. I hate seeing the rust lines and spots around the top of the R42's. I do love the R46s on the A line though. For something from the mid 70's, it is wayyyy better, and the heating is wayyyy better, still yet, than something from the mid 80's (R68,R68A)............
  2. Ok. It would have been nice if ENY got some new buses, not swap me downs. Thought it was new, until I sat in back, and seen the dirt, graffiti, and scratches in the seats......
  3. Right now, I am on 4848 New Flyer Xcelsior, on the B82 leaving Coney Island. End of RTS is truly nearing. Bus has ENY Depot stickers on it.
  4. I know I might be a day, or several days late, but I noticed I havent seen any NovaBus LFS at Ulmer Park anymore. Where does these buses be?????
  5. Congratulations to those who are coming off the street, and into the subway. Hopefully I will get to see some of you all, and some become my student(s) on the PM tour. I had three in the A Div, and no one made me squeeze my cheeks tightly together yet. Don't need to explain why I have a dirty uniform. On thing I do, is teach how to go through timers, without braking at every one. That is one thing I learn when I get on a line. Makes it easier, to know where you are working, and if you get a student. Important things to do is, get plenty of rest, be alert, listen and learn. You will be taught alot. Signals are a must pass, and they aren't playing around. Sadly lots of promos, got sent back, for failure to write down correctly, what a signal aspect means. Don't fly through yellows, and brake hard before reds. Once you see yellow, start braking, and if a train is in front of you, start pacing, and gaping yourself. Try to get that yellow to go green. As a Superintendent in schoolcar said, and I live it to this day. "Keep riding yellows, and one day, you WILL hit a red........"
  6. Maybe the C will now become a 10 60ft car line, and the 40 cars that will give us 5 trains, will replace the rust buckets on the J/Z lines. Last time I counted, which was a few months ago, they had between 5 to 6 trains of R42's for the J/Z lines, which I usually only seen two to 3 actually used for service. The others were spares........
  7. This is the master controller of the R188

    © DOB2RTO

  8. DOB2RTO

    R188 console

    This is the console of the R188 (former R142A)

    © DOB2RTO

  9. DOB2RTO


    This is one of the first converted R142A from the 6 line, now an R188

    © DOB2RTO

  10. DOB2RTO

    R160 E/F/R

    Cab of train we took from Jamaica Yard

    © DOB2RTO

  11. DOB2RTO

    R160 E/F/R

    R160 at Jamaica yard. The A to b transfers in my group, got R160 qualified with this train.

    © DOB2RTO

  12. R160 layups at Stillwell yard. Train to the right was my layup

    © DOB2RTO

  13. I don't really think there will be any full 11 cars trainsets of R188s made for TA. I think they will be R142As from the 6 line, with a CBTC compatible B car added to make 11 cars. People here sound as if they want to see a brand spanking new full 11 car train on the 7 line. As the pics I took show, the R188 will be both converted R142A, just renamed, and another CBTC compatible B car added, to make 11 cars. I don't think it will be nothing more, or nothing less. Hopefully they replaced those traction motors from the formerly named R142A cars, that are becoming the R188s, since WES yard didn't seem to care if the worked or not.........
  14. More pics....... Was on track next to them today, it was nice out, so I went in and got pics of interior. New passenger seats also, as they have a blue plastic covering, as they put on new seats. They will take protective covering off.....
  15. They are back at Corona Yard. Pics were taken yesterday. They are on 1 track, and I had to do a put-in, so I didn't feel like going inside for pics. Getting over a cold I had for over a week now.........
  16. Hi. I am the train operator who spoke to you yesterday, when you got off at Junction Boulevard. It was the express train to main street, you were on. I remembered your photo, from the pictures of yourself thread. I work that interval on Fridays, and I wasn't gonna call the police on you. Snap away, as I know it is legal to take pictures. Just was introducing myself (DOB2RTO)..........

  17. Yes, but not all humans have strong constitutions. Some are weak, some are strong. Yes, a lot of the misbehaving has come on here, but sadly as Harry said, it is what happens when a messageboard grows. It has grown, and is getting SubChat-esque...........

  18. That train can't even move under its own power. It has no contact shoes/current collectors, and is filthy on the inside. If it had power, I would go inside and check it out, but again, no juice on that train..........
  19. Last year, the R110A were here at Concourse Yard Now they are here at 239YD on 50 and 51 tracks block end
  20. Junius St station on the , is already tight for 10 51ft cars. It may need some extention, but some of the others are quite long. It would be nice to have 60ft cars. I see you did ask about 60 cars, but you did not mention if you meant, 60ft cars that are 10ft wide, or 60ft cars that can be 9ft wide, for IRT width. With them updating the platform edges now, they should have updated it to be able to handle 10ft wide cars, for the future. Then add on an 6 inch extention, for the current IRT cars.......
  21. A class of conductors (Promo) was just hired last month, and are road posting. I seen and spoke to one at Pelham Bay Wednesday. The class of promo T/O's were hired at the beginning of October, and they are in the B-Div. They said there should be at least three more classes of T/O's. TA needs about 400 T/Os, quite a few people are retiring, and so many have been demoted also........ Lots of people are scrambling to get out, some just with age, not time. Few want to stay till they croak on the job........
  22. Your profile pic, makes me think of the Chariots of Fire song. Keep running Hermes........

  23. Is it me, or is this place slowly becoming subchat with the fighting and arguing here????????

  24. I washed clothes today, on my first vacation day. Sounds like you want to go and party. Lastly, i asked that female T/O out. She says, she doesn't date coworkers, cause it can lead to am messy situation (guess if it doesn't work out). She must not see the couples who work down here and at surface. Two good incomes, kids not needing to ask for anything, WTF..........

  25. Like I said, I just don't want to deal with any woman with a child anymore. I want them single, with no baggage like that. Then again, I may ask her if I get friendly enough with her. Gotta get her name next time though. She did take her baby daddy to child support court already though.........

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