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  1. Does anyone know if theres a specific study guide that I should look into? What exactly is on the exam?
  2. Hey guys, is there any particular book or study guide that I should look into?
  3. So are the interiors actually changing at all?
  4. I really think they should reactivate the Rockaway Branch section. Having a few stations built along the line and pass through to 63rd and continue like the E to 42nd would be neat (maybe not make as much stops in between). I think if there was any hope for the Rockaway Branch to ever be resurrected, this may be as close as you can get it. And no offense to the bike path proposal but an idea like that will only work nicely in Manhattan (the High Line), not so much in Queens. One thing I have always been curious of is how come the city has never addressed why the bus company is parking their buses illegally on the elevated line?
  5. It looks like a wrap to me, grooves and little areas aren't in orange.
  6. Thanks for the update, hope they make it look really nice and efficient too.
  7. Finally went there, very happy that the Aqueduct area has more of a crowd (caught a number of races). The place is very nice and 10 times better than Empire City, there is a lot left to be done including two more floors and the sky bridge to the train. As of now its gets pretty crowded but Im sure when the other floors open it will be fine. Its a very nice place, the Bar 360 is awesome in terms of design. The food and service could be much better though. The machine layout is nice too.
  8. I don't live too far away from it but there are quite a number of them not too far away. Theres one in Jamaica, Springfield Gardens, Starrett City, and in Glendale. From my experiences going there over the years and speaking and knowing some of the employees, it isn't exactly a well run Home Depot. I'll just leave it at that. Relating back to the topic, I just want to see the whole Aqueduct area used up, that place can use some of the crowds like back in its heyday.
  9. Hopefully I can attend soon. Also heard that the Home Depot is going to close right next to it so it can make way for a hotel (Lease is up). Not sure how true it is but I'd be happy to see that Home Depot go. I heard there tons to be done in terms of opening up more areas but I'm hearing very good reviews.
  10. I wished they could have gone with an exotic location like Rio, Japan, etc. But I'm going to buy this regardless. I just hope they improve on it rather than remove features like they did in GTA 4 (fly airplane, customize character etc).
  11. Wait 126 is going to cease to exist?
  12. Happy to see Aqueduct is going to get more traffic in terms of people coming. I'm a big fan of this plan and hope it could lead to table games too . If its anything like Empire city, this will be excellent.
  13. Those two deserved the beating. Jumping the counter because the cashier wants to make sure the bill is real is ridiculous. On top of that they smack the guy. Thats assault right there, and we don't know if they had any other intention either. Too bad the cashier lost his job and is now being charged with assault.
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