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  1. Out of all the ones I've ridden, it would be the NJT: 139, 167, 67, 197, 559, 131/135 combo Rockland Coaches: 11A (Spring Valley branch), 11X, 20 Academy: Route 36-PABT, Shore Points DeCamp: 32/44, 66R Lakeland: 46 (Route 46 Direct), 46/80-Newton Branch, Route 80-Lower Manhattan Route Ameribus: 20/84 Montgomery & Westside: 440 Shopper
  2. They took over the 11C and the 20/84 four years ago this month.
  3. So what was the post-1976 model? Did the operators lease the NJDOT/NJT buses in their company name and run under their respective IBOA banner?
  4. Downtown Brooklyn would be a whole clusterf**k if that ever happened, but... B54: Path unchanged B61/B65: Terminates on Smith Street at Atlantic Avenue stop Downtown Brooklyn terminus is on Smith Street between Atlantic Av and State Street Outbound route begins on Smith, turning left on Schermerhorn and resuming normal route at Boerum Place B25: Westbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue North on Flatbush Avenue Ext. One stop on Flatbush Avenue Ext at Fulton Street, then non stop to until Myrtle North on Fleet Place West on Myrtle Avenue. Makes B54 stops to MetroTech West on Tillary St North on Cadman Plaza West; resume normal path Eastbound Normal route to Tillary St Continue down Court St, stopping at Tillary, Montague, Joralemon, and Schermerhorn Streets East on State Street North on Smith St East on Schermerhorn Street; making all corresponding B25 stops Schermerhorn becomes Lafayette St, stopping at BAM Right on Fulton; resume normal path B26/B38/B52: Western Terminus moved to NYC College of Technology. Buses may layover at B26 stop at Tillary and Adam Streets Westbound Normal westbound path to Flatbush Avenue North on Flatbush Av Extention. One stop on Flatbush Avenue Ext at Fulton Street(for B26 and B52), then non stop West on Tillary St South on Jay Street; terminates at NYC College of Technology Eastbound Begins at NYC College of Technology, traveling south on Jay St Left on Metrotech Roadway Left on Duffield St Right on Myrtle Avenue Right on Flatbush Ave Ext. Left on Fulton St; resume normal path B57: Travels on Tillary Street in both direction between Cadman Plaza West and Gold St Southbound Stop added on Tillary St at NW corner of Flatbush Ave Ext Travels south on Cadman Plaza West/Court St, stopping at Tillary, Montague, and Joralemon Streets; resume normal route Northbound Normal route to Atlantic Avenue West on Atlantic Avenue; Temporary stop on NW corner or Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street North on Clinton Street, stopping at State, Joralemon, and Montague Streets Crossing Cadman Plz West, travels east on Tillary, stopping at Cadman Plaza East and Adam Street; resumes normal route B62: Southern terminus truncated to MetroTech Southbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue. South on Flatbush Ave Ext, right on Myrtle Avenue, follows B54 to MetroTech Northbound: Begins normal route from B54 stop at MetroTech. B67: Travels on Flatbush Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Myrtle Avenue Northbound: Normal route to Atlantic Mall Northwest on Flatbush Avenue. One stop at Flatbush and Fulton North on Fleet Place West on Myrtle Avenue, making B54 stops to MetroTech; resumes normal route Southbound Normal route to MetroTech Roadway Left on Metrotech Roadway Left on Duffield St Right on Myrtle Avenue Right on Flatbush Ave Ext; one stop at Fulton. Resumes normal route after Livingston St B45: Makes corresponding Livingston St stops via Schermerhorn Street Westbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue Continues west on Atlantic Avenue, at 4th Avenue North on 3rd Avenue, stopping at State Street West on Schermerhorn making all stops until Boerum Place South on Boerum Place East on Atlantic Avenue North on Smith Street; terminates at B61/B65 bus stop Eastbound: Begins at B61/B65 stop at Smith and Atlantic East on Schermerhorn making all stops until 3 Avenue Southeast on Flatbush Avenue, resuming normal route B41/B103: Northern terminus on B61/B65 stop on Smith Street at Atlantic Avenue. Layover southbound on Boerum Place Northbound: Normal route to Atlantic Avenue West on Atlantic Avenue, making B63 stops North on Smith; terminates at B61/B65 bus stop Southbound Begins at B61/B65 at Smith Street between Atlantic Avenue and State Street East on Schermerhorn Street making corresponding stops Southeast on Flatbush Avenue; resumes normal routes
  5. It believe I was on Broadway and 54th Street in Bayonne, which also served as the southern terminus for the line.
  6. The round trip is $42, but for one way, you're better getting separate tickets (one for NYC-Toms River and one for Toms River-NJ) Should come out cheaper and if you're lucky, they might not ask why you're not off at Toms River.
  7. I rode 8502 on the 11C last night from Saddle River/Ameribus.
  8. I doubt it. I rarely see Jews on it in Williamsburg whenever I use the B46 in that area.
  9. I feel you'd be best off sending the B46 to Myrtle. Have it terminate on the B54 westbound stop, have them layover on Lewis and Stockton then have the first pickup at the current B46/47 southbound stop. It allows a more direct transfer to the and , and the turnaround is simpler and less congested.
  10. I've gotten into the habit of waking up around 5-7 am for work, so I never have it in me to start fanning earlier than around 11am.
  11. Would you put the B84 within subway-fare control as with the B42?
  12. Agree with Yonkers having a late night link to the Bronx, but if the 4 doesn't get overnight service, should an overnight 1 or 2 be extended to Bedford Park Station?
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