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  1. 1) I wanna say the B15 from JFK Airport to Bed-Stuy. I think I was trying to come home from a fantrip 2) 3 modes from Bed-Stuy to the Teleport. Took the to Broad St, walked to the SI Ferry and took it to transfer to the (S46). Took 2 and a half hours in the morning.
  2. Getting rid of the B52 would force some passengers to head north for the 38, which , eastbound is hindered by Classon, and westbound, gets stalled by traffic from Classon to Nostrand, and sometimes as far back as Tompkins.
  3. Yup, but for the purposes of my...scheme, the Society Hill trips would basically be 80S trips with a different southern terminus.
  4. I always wondered was why they never identified the stops for the express routes like they would for limited and select bus routes.
  5. I didn't give the local agencies a second though (and I should have). The main, if not the only reason I included Trans-Bridge was because they had NJT buses.
  6. Some of them, as travel path goes, I intended to be renumbered as branches or variants of existing NJT bus services (eg, Line 400 ---> 138; Sayreville to PABT ---> 131; MW IBOA Society Hill ---> 80S)
  7. So I had too much time of my hands and made in renumbered scheme, based on what would happen in NJT took over all the private operated routes at once (but contracted out as needed). Coach USA – Suburban Trails • Line 100: Renumbered 327 o JFK Blvd branch renamed 327J o Society Hill branch named 327S • Line 200: Renumbered 312 • Line 300: o East Windsor branch renumbered 303 o Express bypassing Exit 8A only renumbered 303B o Trips express between NYC and Twin Rivers renumbered 303X o Monroe Branch renumbered 304 o Plainsboro Branch renumbered 306 • Line 350: Renumbered 69 • Line 400: Main service renumbered 138. o Milltown service renumbered 138M o Current 138 service given suffixes F(erry Road), S(potswood), or C(combined) • Line 500: Renumbered 318 • Line 600: o All service to NJ Route 18 renumbered 134 o All service to NJ Route 27 renumbered 367/367S o All Exit 8A service renumbered 363 (East Windsor)/364 (Monroe)   Academy • Route 9 to Wall Street: Renumbered 339 • Westhamption/Willingboro: All service renumbered 305 • Jackson to PABT: All trips ending at Monmouth and points south renumbered 395 • Shore Points to Port Authority: Renumbered 371 • Route 35 to Port Authority: Renumbered 335 • Route 36 to Port Authority: Renumbered 336. Service bypassing Keansburg renumbered 336D • Route 36 to Wall Street: Renumbered 366. Trips serving Keansburg renumbered 366K • Sayreville to Midtown: Renumbered 131. o Service to Winding Woods and Washington Street renumbered 131J and 131W respectively • Parkway Express to Wall Street: Renumbered 337. Express trips renumbered 337X • Parkway Express to Wall Street via Jersey City: All trips serving Jersey City renumbered 309J Red Bank to Wall Street: All trips serving full route renumbered 309R.   Lakeland Bus • Route 46: All trips terminating at Rockaway Mall and points east renumbered 146 o All trips bypassing Boonton renumbered 146D o All trips serving Lincoln Park renumbered 146L o All Lake Hiawatha trips renumbered 146H • Route 46/80 Local (via Dover) o Sparta trips via NJ Route 15 renumbered 185 o Budd Lake trips renumbered 184 o Newton and all other trips ending at Howard P&R and points west renumbered 183 o All trips bypassing Boonton will have "D" suffix o All trips terminating at Rockaway Mall and points east renumbered 146 • Route 80 Express: o All trips serving full branch routes will have corresponding "X" suffix o Downtown trips renumbered 180 o Sparta via Newton trip renumbered 183X • Route 78: Renumbered 118. Express trips renumbered 118X Coach USA - ShortLine • Route 17 SF: Renumbered 170 • Route 17 SF/WY: Renumbered 170Y • Route 17 US: Renumbered 170U • Route 17 RG: Renumbered 170F • Route 17 G: Renumbered 170W • Northern District-Bergen County Route: Renumbered 152. Express trips renumbered 152X   Decamp Bus Lines • Route 32: Renumbered 199 o Current 199 renumbered 192B o Express trips renumbered 199X o Trips serving Secaucus renumbered 199S • Route 33: Renumbered 103 o Trips via Grove St renumbered 103G o Route 32/33 combo renumbered 103N o Express trips renumbered 103X • Route 44: Renumbered 104 • Route 66/66R: Renumbered 106 o Crown View Apts trips renumbered 106C o Becker Farm Rd trip renumbered 106F o Express trips renumbered 106X o Trips via Montclair University renumbered 106U • Route 88: Renumbered 102 • Route 99: Renumbered 109 Saddle River Tours - Route 55: Renumbered 105 Coach USA – Community Coach • Route 77: Renumbered 101 o Express trips via West Orange Arena renumbered 101X o Express trips via Essex Green Mall renumbered 101P o Express trips via Laurel Avenue renumbered 101L o Express trips to East Orange via West Orange Arena renumbered 101E o Local trips via Livingston Mall and Columbia Turnpike renumbered 101M   Coach USA – Rockland Coaches • 9A/9T/9AT: Renumbered 169/179 o 9A and 9AT trips renumbered 179 o 9T trips renumbered 169 o Trips to Central Nyack renumbered 169W • 11A: Renumbered 140. 11X renumbered 140S • 14ET: Renumbered 141 • 20: Renumbered 142 • 21T: Renumbered 143 • 45/45A/45E: Renumbered 345/345A/345X • 46/47: Renumbered 140W and 147, respectively • 49/49J: Renumbered 149/149J Montgomery & Westside IBOA • 30-Society Hill: Renumbered 80S • 31-Montgomery-Westside Route: Renumbered 46 • 32-440 Shopper: No change • 33-Bergen Avenue: No change Broadway IBOA: renumbered 8 Trans-Bridge Lines • Allentown-Clinton-NYC Route: Renumbered 350 • Doylestown-Flemingon-NYC Route: Renumbered 322
  8. I think if any bus is going to serve both GWB and Midtown, it should serve East Midtown, serving Mount Sinai, Harlem, and the stops formerly served by the M98. ...but I don't know if demand warrants it.
  9. Out of all the ones I've ridden, it would be the NJT: 139, 167, 67, 197, 559, 131/135 combo Rockland Coaches: 11A (Spring Valley branch), 11X, 20 Academy: Route 36-PABT, Shore Points DeCamp: 32/44, 66R Lakeland: 46 (Route 46 Direct), 46/80-Newton Branch, Route 80-Lower Manhattan Route Ameribus: 20/84 Montgomery & Westside: 440 Shopper
  10. They took over the 11C and the 20/84 four years ago this month.
  11. So what was the post-1976 model? Did the operators lease the NJDOT/NJT buses in their company name and run under their respective IBOA banner?
  12. Downtown Brooklyn would be a whole clusterf**k if that ever happened, but... B54: Path unchanged B61/B65: Terminates on Smith Street at Atlantic Avenue stop Downtown Brooklyn terminus is on Smith Street between Atlantic Av and State Street Outbound route begins on Smith, turning left on Schermerhorn and resuming normal route at Boerum Place B25: Westbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue North on Flatbush Avenue Ext. One stop on Flatbush Avenue Ext at Fulton Street, then non stop to until Myrtle North on Fleet Place West on Myrtle Avenue. Makes B54 stops to MetroTech West on Tillary St North on Cadman Plaza West; resume normal path Eastbound Normal route to Tillary St Continue down Court St, stopping at Tillary, Montague, Joralemon, and Schermerhorn Streets East on State Street North on Smith St East on Schermerhorn Street; making all corresponding B25 stops Schermerhorn becomes Lafayette St, stopping at BAM Right on Fulton; resume normal path B26/B38/B52: Western Terminus moved to NYC College of Technology. Buses may layover at B26 stop at Tillary and Adam Streets Westbound Normal westbound path to Flatbush Avenue North on Flatbush Av Extention. One stop on Flatbush Avenue Ext at Fulton Street(for B26 and B52), then non stop West on Tillary St South on Jay Street; terminates at NYC College of Technology Eastbound Begins at NYC College of Technology, traveling south on Jay St Left on Metrotech Roadway Left on Duffield St Right on Myrtle Avenue Right on Flatbush Ave Ext. Left on Fulton St; resume normal path B57: Travels on Tillary Street in both direction between Cadman Plaza West and Gold St Southbound Stop added on Tillary St at NW corner of Flatbush Ave Ext Travels south on Cadman Plaza West/Court St, stopping at Tillary, Montague, and Joralemon Streets; resume normal route Northbound Normal route to Atlantic Avenue West on Atlantic Avenue; Temporary stop on NW corner or Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street North on Clinton Street, stopping at State, Joralemon, and Montague Streets Crossing Cadman Plz West, travels east on Tillary, stopping at Cadman Plaza East and Adam Street; resumes normal route B62: Southern terminus truncated to MetroTech Southbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue. South on Flatbush Ave Ext, right on Myrtle Avenue, follows B54 to MetroTech Northbound: Begins normal route from B54 stop at MetroTech. B67: Travels on Flatbush Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Myrtle Avenue Northbound: Normal route to Atlantic Mall Northwest on Flatbush Avenue. One stop at Flatbush and Fulton North on Fleet Place West on Myrtle Avenue, making B54 stops to MetroTech; resumes normal route Southbound Normal route to MetroTech Roadway Left on Metrotech Roadway Left on Duffield St Right on Myrtle Avenue Right on Flatbush Ave Ext; one stop at Fulton. Resumes normal route after Livingston St B45: Makes corresponding Livingston St stops via Schermerhorn Street Westbound: Normal route to Flatbush Avenue Continues west on Atlantic Avenue, at 4th Avenue North on 3rd Avenue, stopping at State Street West on Schermerhorn making all stops until Boerum Place South on Boerum Place East on Atlantic Avenue North on Smith Street; terminates at B61/B65 bus stop Eastbound: Begins at B61/B65 stop at Smith and Atlantic East on Schermerhorn making all stops until 3 Avenue Southeast on Flatbush Avenue, resuming normal route B41/B103: Northern terminus on B61/B65 stop on Smith Street at Atlantic Avenue. Layover southbound on Boerum Place Northbound: Normal route to Atlantic Avenue West on Atlantic Avenue, making B63 stops North on Smith; terminates at B61/B65 bus stop Southbound Begins at B61/B65 at Smith Street between Atlantic Avenue and State Street East on Schermerhorn Street making corresponding stops Southeast on Flatbush Avenue; resumes normal routes
  13. It believe I was on Broadway and 54th Street in Bayonne, which also served as the southern terminus for the line.
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