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  1. I know right? they should do that. like the "queens Blvd" terminal? that could have been an extension to midtown Manhattan via nickel Street & down via "Bway" like the regular Bway subway.

  2. @Elocal or instead of taking the cab. I hope they add more stops in the next GTA. If they had more stops, it will be eaiser to get around like if you doing missons and there is a train station nearby that misson, you can take the subway from the safehouse to the missions location instead of taking a cab or stealing someone's car!

  3. I know right? they should really do that or done that before to make the subway's better. & they should have added more stops in areas of the city to get there faster than stealing someone's car XD

  4. Cool pictures and video,bro!!! :cool: :tup: @the second pic(2 to 137 st-City College), When i was riding back home on the I saw that Display, a going to 116th st and a train resting on the middle track
  5. @Elocal and Also they should make the interior in the subway more realistic like seats and ads. I hope they put new cars(like R-142) and a better interior in the next GTA.

  6. I remember that day. I didn't ride the subway but i heard the news about the massive flooding in the subway system. Edit: WOW! This was 3 years ago?! Years have past by FAST!
  7. UGH! NOT this again!!! More Fare Hikes! :mad: When's the MTA going to LISTEN to us?!?! :mad: Edit: MTA Fails again!
  8. I wish there was A/C in Subway station but theres no A/C in the station, just the train
  9. Woooot! Welcome back to New York City New Flyer!!! :tup:
  10. Yeah They should have those types of cars in GTA! That will be AWESOME!

  11. Nice signature, they should have those type of cars in the game.

  12. Woot! This is my 100th post! Anyway.....AWESOME Photos,Bro! :tup:
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