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  1. @Elocal or instead of taking the cab. I hope they add more stops in the next GTA. If they had more stops, it will be eaiser to get around like if you doing missons and there is a train station nearby that misson, you can take the subway from the safehouse to the missions location instead of taking a cab or stealing someone's car!

  2. Cool pictures and video,bro!!! :cool: :tup: @the second pic(2 to 137 st-City College), When i was riding back home on the I saw that Display, a going to 116th st and a train resting on the middle track
  3. @Elocal and Also they should make the interior in the subway more realistic like seats and ads. I hope they put new cars(like R-142) and a better interior in the next GTA.

  4. I remember that day. I didn't ride the subway but i heard the news about the massive flooding in the subway system. Edit: WOW! This was 3 years ago?! Years have past by FAST!
  5. UGH! NOT this again!!! More Fare Hikes! :mad: When's the MTA going to LISTEN to us?!?! :mad: Edit: MTA Fails again!
  6. I wish there was A/C in Subway station but theres no A/C in the station, just the train
  7. Woooot! Welcome back to New York City New Flyer!!! :tup:
  8. Yeah They should have those types of cars in GTA! That will be AWESOME!

  9. Woot! This is my 100th post! Anyway.....AWESOME Photos,Bro! :tup:
  10. O_O....OMG! His parents will be mad for doing that! Who will get in front of the train like that :eek: ? Fail!
  11. Welcome Culver to NYC Transit Fourms! We hope you have fun here and meet other great transit fans like NXExpress, Me, etc..
  12. Cool Pictures and Videos Bro! :cool: :tup:
  13. Wow! I heard that in the news(FOX 5 i was watching).
  14. WOW! Cool pictures and videos. :tup: I never seen a R-44 running on the before! Great Catch.
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