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  1. A massive storm system caused a tornado to spawn in Brooklyn and also caused massive flooding in the entire subway system and halted the morning rush. All 24 subway lines were delayed or suspended. I remember that the (R) was rerouted on the Astoria Line. I even took pictures of it! It seems that the Queens Blvd Line is more prone to flooding than any other lines. The afternoon rush was a disaster as well. There was crowding everywhere. What were your experiences on that day?


    I remember that day. I didn't ride the subway but i heard the news about the massive flooding in the subway system.

    Edit: WOW! This was 3 years ago?! Years have past by FAST!

  2. hello all glad to be part of the site! was a big fan of the system growing up in brooklyn!! was a frequent rider of the west end B and my long gone fav culver shuttle!


    Welcome Culver to NYC Transit Fourms! We hope you have fun here and meet other great transit fans like NXExpress, Me, etc..

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