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  1. I just realized next July will make it 10 years since I joined the forums.

  2. Thinking about a few stuff....

  3. Idk if I should feel surprised or happy about it

  4. Been behind on my Magical Photography Adventure but don't worry new content of that will be up tonight so stay tune

  5. Thursday is my last day of High School, afterwards, next step in my dreams will be photography. Stay tune everyone and thank you everyone

    1. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      Congratulations, Daniel! And good luck with your photography career! ^__^

    2. peacemak3r


      Congratulations on graduating!

  6. New Toy Coming Soon

  7. New photography stuff will be in the works next week, Stay tune

  8. Working on a 45-55 min film. Can't wait to release it

  9. Working on a 45-55 min film. Can't wait to release it

  10. Yep so I posted a serious note on my fanpage. Please check it out https://www.facebook.com/mrphotographyeyes/posts/626208650748919

  11. So 9 more days until "The Best Of Daniel" video gets released

  12. So now I came up with another photography goal BUT it's gonna be my own photography challenge at the same time. Should be in the works hopefully by next week

  13. Yep for those who wanted or telling me to do College, I'm NOT DOING IT. I already got accepted to trade school and college isn't for me. Well don't care

    1. Turbo19


      Right on. Whatever works for you. I say go for it!

    2. peacemak3r


      College degrees are only a "cherry-on-top" in this day in life. Networking is key.

  14. So my next week agenda is "Ballads Week" where I'll be listening to Ballads and even do a project on one.

  15. I hate how I look, how skinny I am and how I talk. feeling uncomfortable. Im a huge joke. Why?

  16. The "Sweet Dreams" Photography Project will be the very first project to be expanded into a really huge photography project. It will include a whole lot of NY Traveling including different areas. So stay tune for it

  17. You know whats ironic? 7/10/2010 I caught the Uptown D Train local via CPW due to A And C Trains being delayed and today 7/10/2013 I caught it local again but due to late night construction. Wow been that long already/ironic...

  18. Bought my camera back

  19. Got rid of my camera because you guys are right. Not going to get anywhere with photography. Happy?

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    2. MattTrain


      Don't quit, continue doing the stuff you love! Photography never dies! Don't fall down to those who want to bring you down.


    3. DaTransitMan4608


      Hey man don't quit what you're doing because of what someone said to you. I may be an NJT-head but I've seen your pics and their very nice!

    4. ttcsubwayfan


      Fck them. Dont let them stop you from what doing what you love.

  20. Considering shutting down my photography website and facebook fanpage. Sorry people

  21. The whole shit with me railfanning the (D) Will never end. This is how rumor starts (Going on the West End line early in the morning, and taking the (D) Train running off every to get photos), That shit f**king annoying and that shit is really pissing me off. Thats how bullshit starts. Wow

    1. ttcsubwayfan


      Sheeple are always looking for opportunities to get in cheap potshots, because society has taught them that they will be revered if such is the case. And given how many likes some of these posts get, their assumptions are correct. I would ignore them, though - I've been criticized for doing what I love before, but that hasn't stopped me.

  22. Yep Latest Subway Music Video I did was very emotional. Wow

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