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  1. Hi! Daniel, I would suggest sending a P.M. to Hiro Nakamura at Strappies. He's our Coordinator. In your P.M. briefly state what you volunteered for at The Straphangers Campaign and you believe there was something mentioned about a promotion. Also let Mr. Nakamura know what you've done so far (if anything) and that you're interested in surveying riders about the new (Q) and (N).


    About your "title" - these are fun honorary titles based on your post numbers. You're a "Tourist" from 0 to 49 posts. The complete list of fun honorary titles and their post number ranges can be found in the FAQ section at Rider Diaries. The next one to shoot for is "Straphanger" which you'll be from 50 to 299 posts. In addition to a Moderator, I'm currently also "Gene Russianoff". Hope this helps and best wishes.


    Cheers, 70(EE)

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