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  1. Except that had to do with a G.O having both and Trains ending at 71st Avenue.
  2. I was shocked that they didn't at least have the southbound Trains end at Kings Highway. The last southbound that left 145th Street when they started suspending service did end at 2nd Avenue and went back Uptown in service however.
  3. I'm surprised no one posted about the Train that caused a power outage for over 2 hours this past Monday evening.
  4. Been really busy this month so I did not take alot of subway photos. Here's a few I managed to take though so enjoy. 5/19/2019 5/27/2019 A portrait on the train. And older flashback photos. Forever Photography
  5. All of the Trains went back in service. The reason why it went back in service Uptown rather than deadheading back to Concourse Yard was due to beach crowds leaving Brighton Beach.
  6. Except that had to do with one of tubes to/from the Bronx being closed off as well as work being done in the City Hall loop.
  7. Those two derailments were back in February of 2017
  8. That only happened once back in 2015.
  9. Enjoy. 4/1/2019 4/16/2019 aniel's World
  10. Except you guys forget to realize that the Rockaway Park Shuttle is based out of Pitkin Yard which is the same yard the Train is based out of so running R211s on the Shuttle is not really impossible at all and in fact likely.
  11. I've been on and Trains that has done that before except the last time which was back in 2016, this Train I was on did the opposite. We continue on the express until 72nd Street and then switch over to the local track and went local afterwards. I believe it was due to a police activity at 125th Street.
  12. FASTRACK PROGRAM Apr 15 - 19 • Apr 22 - 26 Mon to Fri, from 9:30 PM to 5 AM Service between Jay St-MetroTech and Church Av in Brooklyn is replaced by free shuttle buses trains run in two sections: 1. Between 179 St and Jay St-MetroTech and via the to/from Hoyt Schermerhorn 2. Between Church Av and Stillwell Av Buses replace service between Jay St-MetroTech and Church Av in both directions making stops at Bergen St, Carroll St, Smith-9 Sts, 4 Av-9 St, 7 Av, 15 St-Prospect Park, and Fort Hamilton Pkwy. FASTRACK PROGRAM Apr 15 - 18 • Apr 22 - 25 Mon to Thu, from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM Service is replaced by trains between 168 St, Manhattan and Euclid Av, Brooklyn trains make all local stops between 168 St and Euclid Av. Reminder: trains do not run overnight.
  13. Just a few quickies I took for March. Enjoy. And retired as of 10 years ago on 3/18/2009 And a portrait on the subway Forever Photography
  14. No that was not the reason. There was a stalled work train at Grand Street and they sent that Train to Whitehall Street. It didn't go to 96th Street.
  15. From someone who lives by the Train, I strongly disagree that the Train is empty or not even crowded when its packed as hell especially during the Rush Hours. I've even noticed the Trains being packed during the evenings as well.
  16. Latest photos. Well Enjoy 1/20/2019 1/27/2019 (24th Birthday) 2/2/2019 2/7/2019 2/8/2019 2/10/2019 Portraits In The Subway aniel's World
  17. That can't be right because there was two R160 sets on the this past Saturday.
  18. Not true at all. I've seen school car runs on weekends numerous of times before.
  19. Not entirely true. I've been in numerous situations where something similar like that has happened before Byford even showed up.
  20. It would usually say in the weekend G.Os when/if the Train runs on 12 minute headways and considering its not on there, its most likely running on its regular 8-10 minutes headways those weekends.
  21. Looks like the Train will run in two sections ELECTRICAL IMPROVEMENTS 11:30 PM Fri, Feb 8 to 5 AM Mon, Feb 11 Service between 59 St in Manhattan and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr in Brooklyn is replaced by trains and free shuttle buses Days/Evenings: trains run between 205 St and 145 St and via the local to/from W 4 St and via the to/from 2 Av, the last stop. (Some trains will run to/from Canal St during peak times) trains replace the in Brooklyn between Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr and Stillwell Av. Overnights: trains run between 205 St and 59 St-Columbus Circle and via the local to/from W 4 St and via the to/from 2 Av, the last stop. trains replace the in Brooklyn running local between DeKalb Av and Stillwell Av. Transfer between and trains at Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority. Transfer between and trains at 34 St-Herald Sq.
  22. No they wouldn't because this was during the AM Rush Hour when the Train runs to/from Bedford Park Blvd. If anything they probably would've had the southbound Trains local from Tremont Avenue to 145th Street if they had to used the center track at 145th Street to turn the Train.
  23. Starting off the year with recent photos. Enjoy. 1/1/2019 1/2/2019 The first southbound Train for 2019 And New Years Day Portraits Created this 10 years ago on 1/7/2009 Forever Photography
  24. Thats not always the case. A few of the times when the Train ended early, the last train would sometimes Brighton Beach around 8:20 depending on what the G.O actually is.

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