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  1. paulb


    4738 is smiling at cha
  2. Very nice, Grew up in Bay Ridge, keep these pics coming.
  3. OTJ, but not in NYC. Worked in Newark, NJ for 3 years, and now I'm in Eastern Pennsylvania until I get the call for 8098.


    I worked SIUH (21W1) 2002-2005 and per-diem LMC (40W and 40X).

  4. Hi,

    Saw your avatar and had to contact you. I'm former NYC*EMS myself, although a bit older than you. Are you still "OTJ"? Or have you moved on to greener pastures.


    Paul B (Bronx Vacation relief, 14X, 15V)

  5. There definitely is a certain beauty to the snow. But man, I hate working in it. Nice pics, thanks for braving the cold.
  6. Especially like the "non-car" shots.
  7. Nice pics. Man is channel 11 really pushing it's weather people or what?
  8. I keep trying to convince Corgi to come out with a 1/50th Flxible New Look for the MTA. I guess they don't want to make money, they can use the model at a minimum, 3 times just for NYC alone, not too mention everyone else who used them. When I hit the lottery, the first thing I'm going to do is buy a diecast company.
  9. Great pics all around. Just out of curiosity, has anyone spoken to any of the B.O. who are driving the NABI'S. I'd like to hear their opinion of the buses. Paul aka the other Pablo
  10. 1979, birthday car? I caught mine and my daughter's on the a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Thanks Locomotion, I'll see if I can convert that to a wav.
  12. What might seem to be a strange request. Does anyone have a audio file of the closing door chimes? I'd like to find a way to download it to my cell phone. Thanks Paulb
  13. A short while ago, someone posted the route lengths in miles. Thanks to that poster, I'm terrible with names. B) Does anyone have a list of route lengths in minutes? I know this would be inexact, lots of variables. But just a ballpark figure would be nice. Thanks Paul (aka the other Pablo from Jersey)
  14. Very nicely done. That in the snow storm was fantastic. Did anyone else notice that the versions, probably the original order, was the only version that had the Exp/Lcl indicator on the front of the cars.
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