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  1. It was a pleasure seeing everybody over the weekend. Zach
  2. I know its been a while guys! Enjoy!
  3. Love the 68s. I despise the 68As.
  4. Nice Pictures Dude ! Ironic how , it was my interval to go. !
  5. I know one of those Train Operator's.. Nice Photos!
  6. Who was the Train Operator on the and ? Nice Stuff Dude!
  7. Nice Video! Ive never seen Trains turned here before.
  8. I think Charlie Nassau, over in Nassau Hobby Shop bought out whichever MTH had left after backorders.
  9. Okay, well, I raise the freight question because when I was working there, I was told that some freight cars in the past have scraped along the platform edge.
  10. Did they finish the work at the Massapequa Station with the additional Middle Track?
  11. Heres a bunch of random layout shots for your enjoyment. Zach
  12. Nice work. Cool to see the green bullet again,.
  13. That first shot; Right on the money.

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