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  1. Nicole, How are ya :cool:

  2. Have I heard of Webster Hall?!!!!!!! Thats my club!!! I love Saturday 80s Prom night!!! My freinds and I would go there and Jam all night! They would beg me to come upstairs to the Techno/Latin room, then downstairs to the hip-hop, however, you couldnt move me off the mezzanine 80s room level... Do i hear webster hall night? =)

  3. Lol. Ive been going there since July 2006. Been there at least a dozen times. One of my favorite clubs in the city.. I'm coming up soon, so well make arrangements.

  4. Umm hello! Your first on the guest list. Well, 2nd. Zach is first. :P

  5. Thank you very much:tup:

  6. Haha! Im sorry! Those Gabilla or Joshua's Coney Island Knishes are awesome! Add some mustard with a Dr. Browns Cherry Soda, and we got us the answer to the derailment. lol

  7. Hilarious Profile Video! Love it!

  8. Dude, Loved the youtube!

  9. I have the 4-Car Set of the Metro North Shoreliners. However, at this time, Im not selling them.

  10. Whats up Man! How've you been?

  11. Dude, please terminate using caps. I got the R42 (D) train Model back in the fall of 1998 at a hobby shop on Staten Island. This set can be found on ebay now. Since the set is 11 years old, I highly doubt, youll find one in a hobby shop, so ebay will be your ticket out..

  12. Dude! I miss ya! Get back on here!

  13. Haha. Glad you liked them dude. The company that produces the Subway Cars is "MTH"-Mikes Train House. They come fully equipped with sounds and signs for the route they choose to produce. Thanks, I built and painted the platforms.

  14. So Do I. Unfortunately because of the Writer's Strike, and Kiefer Sutherland serving time for 48 Days, Season ( Day ) 7 won't air until January of 2009.

  15. Your Welcome! But give most of the credit to big man on campus here; He was responsible :cool:.

  16. Nice Man! Let me know how those play. I have yet to enter the 'Blu-Ray' Stage.

  17. Im Still stuck out here in AZ Man! lol I wish I was chasing it!

  18. Hey Man. I believe its just the R1/9s. I don't think any LO-Vs will be out on this trip..

  19. Yup it does... Oh well.. I just hope to be up for Croton-Harmon:tup:

  20. What have you heard?

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