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  1. you caught that too Pablo?!!! nice man! lol
  2. Harry, im not 100% sure, but this could be the "re-railer" ( word is used in model railroading, to get cars back on the tracks), but this could be used for SIR's work operations when the "trucks" drive along the route..
  3. As a former Staten Islander for 22 years, I was always puzzled by that feature. For everyones Information, the SIR R44 Cars have been modified to meet the regulations of the FRA- Federal Railroad Administration, however, I believe these 2 plates are known as "cow catchers", and / or "side plates" The way steam engines have that big black ramp set in the extreme lower front, ; these plates are supposedly used to clear animals ( if not already crushed by impact), and garbage out of the way of the wheels, so the train can have an easy ride along the rails
  4. Awesome shots Harry.. Is that infamous 432?, in the first picture?:cool: That car always sounded like an R-68 every time it would accelerate.. That used to be one of my favorite cars to catch
  5. SIR, used to be a freight railroad back in the earlyyyyyyy days lol.. Thats basically why theres only 1 sharp curve North of Clifton station.. everything else is wide turns or a straight run; hence for excessive speeding trains. SIR , i believe is under the FRA- Federal Railroad Administration; which i think they have to oby by there rules or sumthing. The SIR R44 Cars were rebuilt and were added some diff. features then subway cars have.. There are currently 64 R44 cars on staten island car numbers range from 388-440, THEN 440-464 Even. cars 388-399 were transfers from coney isl yard ( used to run on the F train i believe) back in the 80's or sumthing. Signaling is entirley dif on SIR Then the subway. Actually the signaling was just updated in the past 2-3 years.. The SIR used to be part of the B and O railroad ( Baltimore and Ohio) until 1972, when MTA took over operations. The B and O signals until almost Jan 2004, from a number, and i mean a number of years ago. I cant really explain the signaling. its kinda weird.. The signals basically lit each other up. There used to be a signal between Bay Terrace and Oakwood Heights ( my old stop), when the train ran over the fishplate ( rail joint) next to the signal, the signal north of oakwood lit up, then wen the last car of the train past the signal, the signal would be basically shut off, or go blank, until the next train was comming / or hit the signal previous to that one. The unions are diff. Some of there operations are dif. i never saw anyone, wear anything that states MTA on it ( except track workers) they have the 0range vests. but T/O wear any clothing they want, i dun think they have a uniform policy. C/R wear a blue get up with a C/R hat , that actually may Say "M" Staten is railway. 4 Car trains regularly 2 cars, late nites hope this helps a lil
  6. Staten Island Railway (SIR) Important information about your MetroCard during rehabilitation of the Staten Island Railway Terminal at St. George All Times, beginning Monday, August 27, 2007 Due to construction of a new terrazzo floor to replace the 57-year old floor, all MetroCard Vending Machines are being removed temporarily for approximately one month. During this period, please purchase or refill your MetroCard at the Whitehall Terminal at South Ferry or other stations in Manhattan. The service booth at St. George remains open for MetroCard transactions involving cash. All the vending machines will be back in service with the addition of two new MetroCard Vending Machines in about 30 days. We apologize for any *imconvenience* you may experience. ** I guess the MTA doesn't have spell check **
  7. I lived in staten island for 22 years. I rode SIR my while life. I remember when the R44'S still had there blue stripe! lol... SIR is ehh okay. Nothing special at all. The Great Kills Express runs are pretty cool. They start at St George and run Express all the way to Great Kills; about 12 stops bypassed... I always, always, HATED THE 30 min headways. Thats one thing SIR needed; IMO; every 20 min minimum. It usually runs 4 car trains. 2 cars during overnight hrs. Summer of 2000, they ran 5 car trains... The Clifton yard is cool to look at. Tottenville , the southern most MTA rail station, offers a great view of the "Kill Van Kull", the dirt lol bay that divides NJ with Staten Isl. Nice view of the Outerbridge Crossing too. Otherwise, I might as well just get a 4-4-0 Generl Steam Locomotive, and hook up 3 coaches behind it, and feel like ( ur NOT IN NYC ) lol ! Enjoy SIR Dude, u give us feedback lol...
  8. in the 70s/8os it was known as S.I.R.T.O.A. "Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority then changed to SIRT Staten Island Rapid Transit then to MTA SIR MTA Staten Island Railway hope this clarifies things hehe

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