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  1. Thank you very much:tup:

  2. Cruel Summer by Bananarama... One of my favorite 80s songs.. Long live the 80s!:tup::cool:
  3. Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsQ0WCLUXy8
  4. Yup it does... Oh well.. I just hope to be up for Croton-Harmon:tup:

  5. Hey Man. I believe its just the R1/9s. I don't think any LO-Vs will be out on this trip..

  6. Im Still stuck out here in AZ Man! lol I wish I was chasing it!

  7. Your Welcome! But give most of the credit to big man on campus here; He was responsible :cool:.

  8. I have one of the (F)s, and 2 R-32 (Q)s from another wooden model maker..
  9. Ok, how, and where did you find that?!!:cool:
  10. Got these on Ebay within the past month... Zach
  11. Umm hello! Your first on the guest list. Well, 2nd. Zach is first. :P

  12. Lol. Ive been going there since July 2006. Been there at least a dozen times. One of my favorite clubs in the city.. I'm coming up soon, so well make arrangements.

  13. Have I heard of Webster Hall?!!!!!!! Thats my club!!! I love Saturday 80s Prom night!!! My freinds and I would go there and Jam all night! They would beg me to come upstairs to the Techno/Latin room, then downstairs to the hip-hop, however, you couldnt move me off the mezzanine 80s room level... Do i hear webster hall night? =)

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