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  1. Nicole, How are ya :cool:

  2. Im lookin all over for an Hard Hat! Nice stuff! What do you run on those Atlas tracks?
  3. Dude, please terminate using caps. I got the R42 (D) train Model back in the fall of 1998 at a hobby shop on Staten Island. This set can be found on ebay now. Since the set is 11 years old, I highly doubt, youll find one in a hobby shop, so ebay will be your ticket out..

  4. Dude, Loved the youtube!

  5. Nice collection man! :tup: I'm actually going to merge this with the "Your Transit Memorabilia" thread... link - http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1197&page=12 Zach
  6. Thanks! Ok, back in 2005, some of my friends sent me to the Staten Island Mall to pick up a pair of these Pro-Keds Subway Sneakers. I wore them about 7 or 8 times, that's it. Now they chill in my closet, along with the rest of the photos following the sneakers....
  7. Thanks for reviving this thread! Here's an original rollsign from an R44/R46, signed up as the post December 1989 Route. I had this rollsign just as long as I had my R44/R46 signs that I've posted in previous threads. Zach
  8. Dude! I miss ya! Get back on here!

  9. Whats up Man! How've you been?

  10. Haha! Im sorry! Those Gabilla or Joshua's Coney Island Knishes are awesome! Add some mustard with a Dr. Browns Cherry Soda, and we got us the answer to the derailment. lol

  11. Im debating on an R32/R40 or an R42 Rollsign.
  12. Yup ShoreLiners. Early 2000s 4-Car K-Line Metro North Railroad ShoreLiner Set.
  13. Haha, thanks! Yeah, Brighton Local and Brighton Local. Ahh the memories:D
  14. Yeah, the smaller, rectangular shaped Signs , I had made up in a sign shop back in February 2004. The longer and large font reading rollsigns that are displayed in my room with the & on them were purchased off ebay, and they were from the R46s, Post GOH, early 90s.
  15. Hilarious Profile Video! Love it!

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