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  1. It's East New York depot, they will run that fleet wherever and whenever they damn well please lol.
  2. I guess the question is: Why did the MTA decide to publicly announce the conversion, not only before the Bx6 conversion, but also that it would happen fully in the Fall? For those that don't know what I meant by MTA publicly announcing, I mean the NYC Transit Committee meeting every month. The 35 was announced two months prior for a Fall implementation, the 6 announced last month with I believe an immediate implementation. Hopefully, the answer to that will be enough to take this topic back to moves and transfers.
  3. I figure as much lol, #BrooklynThings. Thanks for the clarification folks!
  4. Not sure if this belongs in Random Thoughts or here, but I might get a better answer here. Why are some of the new ENY Xcelsiors getting the "New York City Bus" decal? Is that ENY placing on decals or are they being delivered with that on there?
  5. Awesome news, but Pilot? MTA has to do a 30 day with that order? Thought it was same specs as the regular order.
  6. Let me not even act like I wouldn't foam if I saw that in real life, I don't do that much anymore cause I've seen most everything, but MTA needs to get to that level. I hope that's what they're working on heading toward the new Command Center.
  7. I don't know the science to it, but I'd say this and the other post are really interesting breakdowns that make a lot of sense. I'm upvoting lol.
  8. It's okay to be wrong, don't get in your feelings. What you're describing in a basic sense is torque. When it comes to a train, torque doesn't have an enormous effect on speed, however there would be a slight difference, yes, especially when the effect on a new tech is programmed and not natural.
  9. I've noticed trains that leave at the same time as a train and wrap that R68/68A's throttle down that Express section run neck and neck with the R160's to a local station (e.g. Kings Highway to Avenue U). If an operator uses full power out of Kings Highway, it runs neck and neck to Avenue U. The 160 has to slow down for the stop, the 68/68A keeps going. The reason why you see what you see (I notice the same thing, I'm not oblivious) is that operators usually follow the MTA guidelines on Brighton and don't leave Kings Highway with full power. It's not about what you see, it's about WHY you see what you see. I explained it based on the experience from the mouths of real T/O's that do that line and others. I'm sure an experienced T/O could easily explain that to you in similar fashion.
  10. Again, it's an illusion. I explained the illusion earlier. They both accelerate at 2.5mph per second if operated at full power.
  11. You got a fact sheet or is that your personal opinion? The answer is actually in your comment.
  12. Yeah it does seem counter-intuitive, its supposed to be for safety, plus another reason I can't remember.
  13. Illusion it is. They both accelerate at similar rates when operated in similar fashion. What you're actually seeing is operators mostly on the Q "wrapping" the throttle (full power) as opposed to a gradual increase. When operating on an Express run (longer distance), operators are taught to increase throttle power gradually. When doing a local run (short distance), they're taught to wrap it. Operators with more experience (and a willingness to do the job faster) wrap that throttle more, regardless of the run.

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