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  1. Happy bday buttered toast lol

  2. Where have you been?

  3. Let's see, I've done the and all the way through and even got the ride on the both ways on video through the RFW... and I had hand problems for a few months after holding the camera that long.
  4. A reminder to those who drop their cellphones on the tracks. Better the train get the phone than you.
  5. It's also a budget thing. Multicolored seats are apparently too expensive for the MTA.
  6. The is the proposed route that will run along the Second Avenue Subway... if they ever finish it.
  7. Hey R1, check out MTR Admiralty and SevenEleven's new Manhattan Express Forum: http://manhattanexpressforums.netii.net/forums.

  8. As someone who raises chickens (though I'm no egg company), I agree that males are rather pesky. Either you kill them, or you watch them get maimed or killed fighting with other roosters. I'd love to keep them all, but there's a limit to space and noise. Of course, perhaps a grinder isn't the kindest way to dispose of them, but for large companies it's more effective than alternative methods and does provide a very quick death.
  9. Nice pics. I noticed you have the one out the R160 door up on nycsubway.org .
  10. I've got a lovely 1995 Corolla (sitting in the driveway with 243,200 miles and counting) that my aunt needed to get rid of when she got a "new" 1994 Camry (less miles). Of course, I've fixed most of the little problems it had, and therefore became the family mechanic, although becoming an actual one remains as a backup if I never get into the MTA.
  11. Thanks. @ Mark1447, I'll make them smaller, I didn't realize I forgot to change photobucket's import settings back to smaller pics after my last import. @ lilbluefoxie, the caged stairs go to Bowery's unused second mezzanine.

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