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  1. As someone who raises chickens (though I'm no egg company), I agree that males are rather pesky. Either you kill them, or you watch them get maimed or killed fighting with other roosters. I'd love to keep them all, but there's a limit to space and noise. Of course, perhaps a grinder isn't the kindest way to dispose of them, but for large companies it's more effective than alternative methods and does provide a very quick death.

  2. I've got a lovely 1995 Corolla (sitting in the driveway with 243,200 miles and counting) that my aunt needed to get rid of when she got a "new" 1994 Camry (less miles). Of course, I've fixed most of the little problems it had, and therefore became the family mechanic, although becoming an actual one remains as a backup if I never get into the MTA.

  3. Hey guys, it's been a while, mostly because it's also been a while since I've been to the city. As for this round's pictures, I did my best, but I realized too late that I forgot to charge my camcorder (ie, standing in DeKalb wondering why it wouldn't turn on), so most of these are the best of what I could get with my phone. Enjoy!





    Begin phone pictures...


    This next one is supposed to be a (Q), not a (D)



    The old (Q6)/(Q) mixup


    I've never seen the circles in person before...


  4. Seems interesting. I'll definitely go see it. But a few things to answer as an amateur film maker... Why did they film it in the GC (7) station? That's simple, it's because the one on the (6) has thick support columns running along it which aren't desirable for scenes in a movie like this. Why did the side sign say Pelham 123? Because it's the name of the movie, they have to tell you somehow. Etc, etc, etc. There will be discrepancies in the film (like how the TO isn't on the left side of the train in real life... probably because they need a real TO to operate it in the film).

  5. I'd say throw the R110A on the 42nd St (S), upgrading to 5 car trains in the process and getting rid of the third one. Then take R110B and throw both sets on the Franklin (S). It would work that way, but they've both been sitting in the yards for close to a decade now. Apparently the R110A was damaged in a fire and never repaired and the R110B suffered from reliability issues, but they could be put back into service if the MTA put a little cash into them.

  6. The center platform is going to be used like a transfer passage for the (1), I believe. Before being abandoned the platform was used for express trains that would open up the doors on both sides to allow easy transfers, but when newer trains arrived where the conductor's controls were in the train this practice was discontinued due to the conductor being unable to see and close both sides without walking between cars to the other cab and thus the center platform was abandoned.

  7. Speaking of garbage trains, how many are there?



    The one I see the most has the modded R62? end cars and I think 3 flatbeds for the trash. But I wanna say I've seen one using Redbirds too.


    Most garbage trains I've seen use a set of redbirds and an older set, like R32s, R38s, R40s, or R42s, and occasionally another set of 'birds. As for the "modded" R62, I think you're thinking of the R127/R134...


  8. Perhaps it's just that I'm not close to NYC, but my love of the subway has more or less always been met with curiosity. After a brief explanation the person will generally tell me that they think it's really cool I'm that into the subway. I don't really talk about it frequently, but I still have the same passion for it. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly fit in with a crowd of transit lovers when the situation permits, but I never really talk much about it with my friends. I certainly get a little nervous taking videos and pictures when I'm in the city, but that's really only because the authorities (be it a TO, transit cop, etc) aren't very nice if they don't know it's allowed (but I do have my printed out code of conduct with me for those situations). Oh well, I love my trains regardless of what others may think of it.

  9. stupid question, i thought the old south ferry station was destroyed because of the world trade center. so there just making a new station because of the 5 car problem?


    No, it wasn't even damaged by it. The tunnel to it was cut off by the debris and the MTA did a little bit of work on the SF loop during that period. The new SF station was not so much a result of 9/11 as it is SF being a somewhat useful station that can only have a train with half the doors open in it.

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