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  1. This Project is critical, even though it's running behind schedule, at least it's being done. This and the 2008-2018 "Thameslink Program" are infrastructure upgrades we could only fantasize about here in NYC
  2. there would be no point for that...Newark is the next stop the west while NYP is the next stop the east, stopping Amtrak trains at Secaucus would do nothing but slow schedules for both NJT and AMTK
  3. The station is designed for 3-1 operation, so the 2 inner tracks are used to "stag" trains during the peak hour incase there is delay, while one outside track is used for expresses and Amtraks, the other is used for reverse peak trains (both stop and non-stop).A typical AM Rush hour set up would be Eastbounds stopping on track A & occasionally B (inner tracks) with express trains bypassing the station on track 2 and reverse peak trains stopping on 3, process is reversed in the evening. It also is designed for the station to serve as terminal simultaneously while providing thru service,if need to be.
  4. ...I used the South Ferry station on its last day of service..it looked fine to me
  5. Morrisville Yard takes up all the land that NJT owns. The plans for a flyover also include an expanded midline yard. In addition, Amtrak plans to up there speed in NJ to around or should I say DESIRES to increase their speed limits through the area which will in turn kill some of the slots that the 3700's use currently to get from tracks 1 to 4.
  6. Assuming you mean Jersey Ave, the plan is to HOPEFULLY have the North Brunswick Station replace Jersey Ave Station, however that is a pretty busy station (1000+ boardings daily), its just the PRR built it as an experimental park-n-ride facility, so no serious investments were ever made towards a "REAL" full mainline station. However this flyover has been in the planning for years and YES it is ESSENTIAL for any kind of Peak service in the Middle Zone to expand in the future wether Jersey Ave closes or not, both yards in Morrisville as well as the JA yard are at capacity so the flyover is needed regardless.
  7. Theoretically yes, but there is an FDNY restriction on these engines, they apparently feel its not safe to have that much fuel underground around people (the ALP45's have more fuel than Amtrak and LIRR's dual modes) plus NJT has no desire to use them for NY service...don't ask why?..makes no sense? yes I know
  8. As long as Christie is in office, system expansion in regards to new lines will be non-existent, he's not exactly a fan of transit and if you live and/or work in NJ you will know what I mean. NJT's view on ordering new equipment verse rehabbing was, what's the point of refurbishing old equipment when the process is going to cost just as much as new equipment but only have 1/2 the life cycle.Although I must admit, I've always been slightly suspicious of those "rehab costs just as much as new equipment" claims because back when the Comet II's were rehabbed, I'm pretty sure that costed no more than 100 million or a little over, for all 160 cars (IIB's included). Metro-North refurbished their 64 Comet II's for 34 million. So I don't know where they got off claiming the III's being rebuilt would have costed just as much as new Multi-levels.The GP40's would have stuck around if the ALP45's were never ordered. With ARC being CANCELED, which still makes my blood boil until this day..the ALP45's are without a doubt the biggest waste of money NJT has probably ever spent. They have no plans on running them into NYP anytime soon, if ever, and the trains they haul are no longer than 6 cars, which could easily have been handled by existing diesels. PL42's are great, they can haul 10-car single level consist or 8-car Multis which is something none of the other "normal" diesels can do. Same for the 46's/46A's. As said before though those 44M's could have at least been kept for electric service on the Hoboken Service side where trains don't need to be any longer than 5 cars on the Montclair/Gladstone Locals.
  9. There was no point in keeping the GP40's around, since the PL42's and ALP45's were being delivered. The F40's that were sent to Canada was a blessing, those things were plagued with mechanical and oil leakage issues. The Comet III's were SUPPOSED to be rebuilt, however NJT found it more economical to replace them with newer Multilevel Cars since the rehab process would have just been just as expensive. As for the ALP44's, I agree, they could have at least kept or sold the ALP44M's built in 1996. But again, it was decided it would be more economically efficient to order additional ALP46A's as opposed to rebuild the 44's.
  10. Question for those of you who are upset, um so you would rather the line just be SPLIT in half forever???just so you can have "reliable" service on the 4th Avenue line
  11. Well Mumbai Suburban Railway carries 7.2 million people a day on many emu trains (called "rakes") that vary from 9,12 and 15-car sets. I read that a 9-car set, capacity of 1,700 passengers, could easily see 4000+ people. Trains run every 4-5 minutes during Peak Hours on the suburban lines. It's just they don't have enough supply to meet their demand. Not to mention the fact that 3,700 people die on their system every year (many from getting hit by or falling off trains) Hopefully that Metrorail and Monorail system their constructing there will help make things better.
  12. And just exactly what kind of Right-of-Way did you have in mind for this route?
  13. My title is Ridership Analyst for one of our tri-state area's rail systems, being that I interned for the agency before (2 years in college), the managers let me work with them a lot on future service and operations plans as well. I would say what company it is, but as said before, many people in management frown upon sites like this and being that there is like no one my age in the mgmt sector of the company at the moment it would be a dead give away as to who I am, if any were to see this. Not that me being on here is against the rules or anything, but i'm semi-paranoid so I play it safe lol.
  14. Are you serious? that would just result in inadequate service to both terminals. Oh how I had outlandish ideas of the sort when I first started 2 years ago, you learn a lot quickly, there is so much more that goes into it that the public doesn't know. However if you have a friend who's a transport planner that shares info and data with you (which is insane btw, because I have to ask permission to even take the simplest documents out the building) then that should put you ahead of the game, I WISH I could have known someone in Svc/Ops Planning as an undergrad. But 70% to GCT, 30% to Penn, may sound logical, is a nightmare from a planning point of view as well as an economical one. Please know GCT isn't meant to REPLACE Penn, its meant to add a significant amount of capacity to the railroad.
  15. Well I think they're playing it "safe" so they can analyze travel patterns to both terminals for the first year or so. They have to stay in Penn, as 24TPH soley to GCT isn't adequate to keep up with Peak Hour Demand. As for operating the same amount of trains they operate into Penn Station now, post ESA during the Peak, is probably something that won't last long, unless ridership doubles between now and then and as I mentioned before, things may significantly change between now and then. One key point I forgot to mention before about the operating plan I reviewed, is not all electric lines will have direct service into GCT, some will exclusively use Penn, so perhaps they're reserving those slots for trains that end in Brooklyn or Jamaica today. We'll have to wait and see (I'm in no rush for 2019 to get here lol)
  16. That's the thing, politicians seem to not understand the operational complexity of the LIRR and the area's other commuter rail systems. Service Plans change perpetually as the project progresses. The last "opening day" operating plans I saw, had a dramatically changed operation from what we know today, specifically around Jamaica. That additional platform, as you said for Brooklyn only, is to support what is planned to be a general shuttle service between Jamaica and Atlantic Term. Trains from eastern terminals will have continuous operation to both NYP and GCT, connections at Jamaica will no longer be held. Sunnyside Station, which may or may not be replacing Hunters Point is where transfers will be facilitated between NYP and GCT bound customers. It was about a year and half ago, I saw this, so all of this could have dramatically changed since then, we'll just have to wait and see. However, what MNRR needs to understand is, LIRR isn't removing service from Penn Station, their simply increasing the amount of trains they operate, which will go to NYP. Of course, once the project is complete and service is instituted things will probably change gradually as simulations and operation analysis/travel pattern projections can only correctly predict but so much. As for Amtrak, lets see if they still even exist once this project is complete, thats a 50/50 chance.
  17. Well I was referring to stops outside the city zone, I should have made that more clear. But all trains, slow down in & out of Jamaica and it's a station with multiple tracks (which provide a variety of routing/overtake options), so a diesel accelerating out of that area isn't really going to cause operational issues as all trains (Both electric and diesel) are operating at restricted speed levels.
  18. As someone who has been working in the industry for roughly 2 years now, I'll tell you that what your saying is true. However, now that ARC (NJT project) has been canceled, ideas are seriously being kicked around in regards to "thru" routing Penn Station services to open up capacity. The Meadowlands football service ran between NJT's Secaucus Jct and Metro North's New Haven Line is sort of the first "experimentation" of what may be a future variety of services. Also, Metro North is HELL BENT on bringing service into Penn Station, so never say never...you'd be surprised about what proposals/studies are being drawn up that the public has no knowledge of. The P32 "not fast enough "claim" was a poor excuse. Most diesel trains run express through electric territory anyway. The Oyster Bay Branch doesn't have much traffic or ridership, so start/stopping there wouldn't be a problem as once the trains Branch off at Mineola the line isn't sharing it's tracks with any other routes and the service isn't very frequent. All dual-mode service runs express from Jamaica to NY Penn (with the exception of one train that I think stops at Kew Gardens), all trains slow down going through Jamaica, so accelerating out of that station isn't something that's done "quickly" to begin with. The only electric zone stations served frequently by diesel service are Hicksville, Mineola and Babylon. There are very few trains that stop at other electric stations. So that was just lazy-ness on Service Planning's part and a perfect example of what happens when you let politicians who know nothing about rail service make decisions in regards to equipment purchases. The only railroad in our area who could have put forth this argument reasonably would be NJ Transit, they run a number of lines with stations that serve both electric trains and diesel trains, if anyone needs MU like acceleration diesels, it would be them.
  19. Just out of curiosity, how did you come up with these ridership projections?
  20. If it's not a an extension of the HBLR to Tenafly, then their best bet would most likely be to send it to Secaucus Junction. As for the Union County plan, NJ Transit had plans for a Union County Lightrail linking Elizabeth to Newark Airport which was a part of the Newark Elizabeth Rail Link project (which was to be done in 3 segments) the only portion of this project built was the Broad Street Line (which operates between Newark Penn and Newark Broad St stations) the 2nd segment would have linked Newark Penn to Newark Airport and the third segment would have continued from the Airport into Elizabeth. The project was scrapped and has returned in altered forms, such as the BRT project you mentioned.
  21. Well I am well aware, that the HBLR was originally intended to travel into Bergen County, hence the name, Hudson-BERGEN Light Rail and while I agree a direct HBLR extension would be much more beneficial, the last research I did on this Northern Branch project, was describing a service from what I perceived to be separate, with passengers from Bergen County transferring to the HBLR at a new station called North Bergen Junction. These pics are screenshots from a powerpoint showing the last info I got in regards to the Northern Branch project, arguing how NJT made a bad decision in going with DMU's as opposed to an LRT extension, perhaps things have changed since then? The last Light Rail extension I heard of NJT seriously considering was to the Meadowland Xanadu Complex...then again, I only pay attention to serious projects with committed funding in place lol, however here are screenshots of the presentation I got my info from
  22. I personally feel the Northern Branch project is severely flawed for a variety of reasons, one main ones is that it will NOT be an extension of the HBLR. Under the last proposals I read, the current plan would essentially be a separate service (using DMU's), with stations heading south from Tenafly located in Englewood, Leonia, Palisades Park, Ridgefield and Fairview before ending in North Bergen, with a station transfer at Tonnelle Avenue required to access the HBLR. IMHO service designed like that isn't going to attract many people, especially if it terminates in North Bergen.
  23. Well outside of Rush Hours, the was local in Brooklyn anyway, as the was a rush hour only service back then. However, the ONLY stop in Brooklyn the JFK express made was Jay Street, which means it still had to share the double track section of the Fulton Street line with the anyway and also the during Rush Hours. Outside of Rush Hours it would be able to make up for lost time on open express tracks between Hoyt and Euclid since the would be running local at that time, but then it would just end up merging with the again, once it got to Queens, not to mention its merging/diverging in Manhattan with the and at W4th Junction, lets just say to run this train was an operational nightmare and as said before, many of it's riders were Howard Beach commuter traveling during Peak Hours, which was the same time the was operating express in Brooklyn..thus rendering the service from a service planning point of view a headache, slightly reptetitive and pointless. In addition to the fact that during service disruptions they sometime made it make normal stops and accept regular passengers. As for the R46 question, yes the JFK Express was always "CLEAN" graffiti free R46 sets, during the 80's the was a mix of R32's,R40's and R44's and while the was mostly R10's and R44's.
  24. I see this has turned into a Bus Service Planning debate, which is great and all but I'm much more of a Rail guy so I'm going to propose some ideas which are a mix or realistic, maybe and "keep dreaming" under the assumption that this topic title meant proposals for the NJT Corporation and not just the Buses. 1.) Expanded peak service on the Montclair-Boonton Line west of MSU w/the creation of new direct NYP Dual mode service (ALP45 + 8 ML) via the extension of Midtown Direct trains to Lincoln Park or Dover (depending on load capacity), reinstate skip stop service through Montclair. 2.) Add a 3rd track on the M&E between Millburn and Summit to eliminate the Bottle Neck that currently exists today and to add additional scheduling flexibility (more express trains, uninterrupted local service etc.) 3.) Create a new West Summit station on the Gladstone Branch so 300's/ 6300's series inner zone trains can turn without interfering with the Mainline services 4.) Reinstate Gladstone to Hoboken service on weekends, on the Bi-Hourly Basis 5.) Expand weekend Midtown Direct service to 1/2 hourly with 2 local trains per hour or 1 summit local and 1 dover express per hour 6.) Extend Montclair weekend service to MSU and expand it to hourly service. 7.) Extend the RVL back to Philipsburg 8.)Monmouth Ocean Middlesex county Line via NJCL Matawan Connection 9.)24/7 service on the Northeast Corridor, expanded late night service on weekends on the M&E and NJCL 10.) Expanded evening express service on the Pascack Valley Line 11.)Lackawanna Cut-Off to Mount Pocono 12.)Expand Gladstone Yard to fit 2 more peak Midtown Direct trains (1 tph to/from Gladstone Branch via AM and PM peaks) 13.) Add a 2nd track to the Waterfront Connector and extend RVL service to Hoboken and Peak NEC-Hoboken service (for riders headed to Lower Manhattan and Downtown Jersey City, in hopes it relieve some of the transfer pressure off of PATH) 14.) Extend the HBLR to Secaucus Junction 15.) Add a 3rd track to the NEC between Swift Interlocking and Secaucus Junction 16.) Finally create the Hunter Flyover and add limited dual mode Peak Service on the RVL to NYP 17.) Consolidate the Peak NJCL 4300's shuttle trains from Bay Head that connect with 3200's to electric trains in Long Branch to single Bay Head to NY Dual Mode trips (operating express to/from South Amboy or Matawan) ALP45+9ML 18.) Electrify Port Morris yard 19.) Creation of a new "Philadelphia Division" based out of 30th street serving the commuter market of South Jersey consisting of a Camden-Glassboro Line via an old Conrail ROW, Gloucester County Line, Cape May Line and a Salem Line 20.)ONE DAY successfully build 2 NEW TUBES under the Hudson and a New Terminal SOMEWHERE on the Island of Manhattan
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