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  1. Hi All, I wanted to see if anyone here passed or failed on Day 10. Because a few of my friends will be going to day 10 tomorrow and they asked me if I knew where they were going. I told them most likely the Bronx. They asked about the turns and said the only one I knew was the one on Randal and exit 9. If you know what I'm talking about let me know or anything please share. Thanks
  2. Hey Dee, Good to see your doing well. The year is almost over now. Keep up the good work. I haven't been on here in a bit. I want to say to all the new people Good Luck and take your time.
  3. Wow a lot of people now. Good luck all.
  4. Day 1 is No driving. Your going to watch some videos and sign papers for your folder. Get a packet with maps and everything you need. Get your pass and where to report. Then day 2 will be light driving in the bronx right and left turns. Day 3 will be out in queens hard turns and learn hooks.Day 4 will be backing up and parking. EL pillars. Day 5 City driving up town. Day 6 down town. day 7 can be the bronx or the city. Good Luck
  5. Good luck all. Tomorrow will be a easy day videos some paper work and your ID and found out where you will report for training which can be anywhere. Remember days 2-4 you can mess up. When you get to DAYs 5, 6,7 You can't hit anything. if you hit the curb you will have to move on to days 8-9 and if you can't make day 9 You have one more shot with 2 Superintendents. Good luck all
  6. The 1-13-14 class was stop due to snow. and they will have to do the weekend.
  7. YOU might hit the left if your too far in.
  8. I think the street is wrong the island is smaller. you were right. HOW WOULD YOU MAKE THIS TURN WITH OUT HITTING THE CURB
  9. I think this is the wrong turn your right.
  10. Oh you do this run. So you know what they have to do you get around this and at 105 st at the corner do you guys remember where they sent you for your training on day 5,6,7 pm me and I will post pics

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