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  1. Yeah, I've used the station since it's been renovated.... Obvious improvement, but I still don't care for the fact that there's no TVM on the New York av. side....
  2. In a redesigned network, you don't necessarily have to consider any of the individual routes in the network you're trying to redesign....
  3. Individual routes, perhaps..... The entire network though, nah. The (false) narrative being put out there is one that the MTA is using out of convenience.... The network does not need to be redesigned because the routes are old.... That makes it too easy for the MTA to drum up any old routing under the guise of progression....
  4. The game here assumes both routes leaving a particular origin at the same time..... The fact that there's more B62 service (in this case) is immaterial... The Q24 also has more passenger activity (pickups/dropoffs) between said stretch, compared to the Q56.... Q24 should be faster than it actually is along Atlantic (due to less lights & what not).... Between Jamaica & B'way Junction during most parts of the day on that route, I just can't..... I'd give somewhat of an edge to the M57; the M31 is more sought after/more utilized. Which is faster between QBP & 30th av? the [Q69], [Q101], or [Q102] ?
  5. Q56 What's faster between WBP & Jackson av on a Saturday night - B32 or B62?
  6. Lol.... For those that don't know any better, I'll clarify:
  7. Which bus routes should we eliminate..... Hell, Which bus routes should we preserve? This idea that the more shorter bus routes should be eliminated or merged with other routes (for no other reason being solely because they're short), would only fuel the system-wide declination of buses in this city.... Chances are, the same people advocating for these mergers & shit, will be the same people complaining about those buses being inadequately serviced & frequently delayed.... Then again, that assumes they'll even bother utilizing these concoctions (which is something else in & of itself).... I refuse to believe that some of you are remotely empathetic upon making these suggestions. Basically where I'm at with this whole bit.....
  8. What's faster between Church av & the Junction... The B44 or the B41 ?
  9. n22 ================= * Which is faster during the PM rush between Roosevelt/Main (Flushing) & "Roosevelt" Island tram (Roosevelt Island side)? [Q66 → Q102] or [Q19 → Q100 → Q102]
  10. The only two options presented for this particular scenario is the B46 local & the B47.
  11. For starters, Franklin av runs perpendicular to Fulton st.... Look, I'm not going to pretend like I know what this is all about (since I don't follow this thread, since I don't care for this particular game), but from what it's looking like here, you're trying to dictate the stipulations of his "what if" scenario.... Nobody said anything about Park Place surrounding/binding Prospect Park.... He literally said this fictional fire spreads out of the park..... You may think the perimeter that's being set up in this "what if" scenario for all the routes that'd have to be rerouted is over the top, but it's still within the game's parameters... You're making an issue out of nothing here.
  12. Something else. =============================================================================== Which is faster on a Saturday afternoon between Kings Plaza & Woodhull hospital? The [B46] or the [B47]?
  13. Agreed. They (continue to) underestimate how many people west of Far Rockaway down there in the Rockaways travel out to that major commercial strip between Brookville & Burnside.....
  14. The "upward" mobility of NYC patrons is on somebody's elevator.... Long been tired of scaffolding just about everywhere you look in the heart of Manhattan, especially.
  15. Synchronization is the pits. Nope... That would end up being just NICE bus territory... Doesn't bode too well for you.... Tough break man. Yes, there are aspects of this abomination they call a draft plan that needs to be done differently... TBH though, I don't really concur with some of your suggestions in light of the thing either (running Q22's to LIRR Cedarhurst is one of them)... What the MTA would do with the QT22/QT62 in Cedarhurst doesn't make much of any sense.... Your suggestion to redistribute the mileage the QT22 takes to get from Mott to Burnside, to run it to the rail station instead, isn't that much better.... Those that take the current Q114 are hardly even thinking about the LIRR... It would make more sense to have both of those routes (QT22/QT62) terminate at, or even inside Five Towns.... You should've posted your ideas in the proposal thread; I don't want to clutter this thread with critiques of your proposal (which is the reason I haven't responded to the OP of your proposal in this thread).... Yep, citywide phenomena.... My disdain of driving within Brooklyn alone continues to increase.
  16. Grand av portion of the route is what it is (it's always going to be a heavily utilized corridor).... The Brooklyn portion of the Q59 is stagnant (personally, I think it's overrated).... The underrated portion of the Q59 IMO is the portion along QB (at least Brooklyn bound anyway; most the Rego Park bound buses tend to tank at Grand/QB)....
  17. Q5.... hate the way the 85 lags. Which is faster to get from Grant av to Jamaica/Parsons? The [Q8] or the [Q7 to the Q41]
  18. 1) Riverdalians aren't the main ones seeking Washington Heights on the Bx7, so no.... They mainly take the Bx7 to 231st for the & I'm quite sure most of 'em are riding well south of 168th..... Those side streets you'd have buses using up there wouldn't exactly sit well with them either..... 2) An express route running along CPN via Morningside Heights to City Hall would fail miserably.... Virtually no demand, target riderbase is too narrow on both ends of the route, and then there's the West Side Hwy. aspect of it..... I suppose this concoction of yours could be great for anyone somehow needing to get from Columbia U. to Pace though True, but it does make you wonder how poorly Grand av. would be serviced if the Q59 was the sole route operating along it.....
  19. The thing that makes the Q58 more attractive than the Q59 are the outer thirds (as in, the Corona-Flushing portion & the Maspeth-Ridgewood portion) of the route.... You could perhaps call the Q58 a super route.... Making the Q59 more reliable would matter more for Brooklynites, (Industrial) Maspeth, & those boarding Q59's along QB.... There's way too much Q58 service for folks along the rest of Grand av to even care about if the Q59 was more timely.... The MTA knows it can get away with running shit service on the Q59 for that reason alone....
  20. Nah, I don't see too many people in Glendale or Forest Hills putting up with a backtrack along Queens Blvd. to Union Tpke to get to Flushing.... That's one of those things that may catch on in the beginning, but will end up getting real old, real fast.....
  21. From the Gothamist article BM5 just edited his post to include: Sure it doesn't - but actually proposing less service along a good portion of corridors throughout the borough does, though.... Funny how that works out. Ok, great.... Nice to know that there's at least someone else out there with an ounce of brains that's perceptive enough to come to this conclusion. Finally, a Queens resident that's on record that'll stand to benefit from this plan.... And of course, it'd be from the QT1, one of the better ideas of the proposal.... Sandi Kabins is out of touch with reality, as far as folks not (seeking to) travel b/w Astoria & North Brooklyn.... She'd have been right 30+ years ago, but these days, demand for travel b/w those two general regions is pretty high.... It's only going to increase, as Williamsburg gets more built up too.... I mean, people can do what they want with their own time, but if I was an Astorian, I would never do that → shit just to get to the "trendier" part of Williamsburg...... I like how he put that at the end there.... The MTA is not primarily trying to help Queens residents, they're trying to trim a budget.
  22. From the NY Post article BM5 just posted: smh.... It isn't about the number of routes to 74th, some of those folks are concerned about no longer having direct access to 74th st.... Framing it like that would fool some people, but that is not the same thing..... Let's not paint this narrative that Jackson Heights is primarily concerned about the loss of BACKUP bus routes they can utilize to get to 74th..... As a city resident, I personally don't care if this plan would make a Nassau resident's commute to the city any easier...... There is something to be said though, that they couldn't pull on a Queens resident to be the example of someone that's in favor of the draft plan....
  23. Nah...The actual number of the bus... If you're talking about the vehicle number, then yes.... If not, then IDK what number you're asking about.
  24. S61 Faster crosstown route to get from one end of the transverse road to the other during the PM peak: M79 or M86 ?
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