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  1. Everything is good! Thanks!

  2. Back to A Div 6 Line 5 days AM's and loving it!!!

  3. Maybe I see you I be on the C Line 4 days.

  4. Its alright my Sunday Job is open for C/R's and Monday is looking ok I got a Hour late clear because 207 YD was messed up from Yard moves , R160 Tansfer, IRT Wash and the A/C Lay Ups.

  5. Yeah they reassigned me to Concouse YD this weekend. Some they did worst too like one guy reg job starts 8 AM at 168/Bway they tell him he is reassigned Lefferts Extra Board 10AM then wants him to pick up a PM Switching job at Stillwell. He make a total 14 Hours plus D/H Time since he did sign on at his reg time of 8AM and worked until 22:00.

    Yeah 207 St they forget to tell you between the conversation the T/D and ATD have and running the railroad they forget about the board guy until its time for a sign change.

  6. I know and from a T/O I don't even know. Those that know me got to be rolling on the floor after hearing that! LOL

  7. Well that tread just got heated up. Mr Eric just wants to attack anyone.

  8. Thats how you do it! Well I thinking about bidding out to the F Line. My Sat job is messing me up even with the reassignments . I pick a job out of Euclid to get off early just to get a Late PM job out of Far Rock. Oh yeah Saturday I lost my B2 at Chambers so if you heard control on the radio calling for any TSS they were trying to get one to respond to my train.

  9. Nope never did CF but they use to try to get me to come over just like they trying to get me to try Work Trains. I like the road so am staying on the Road. Besides every pick I got C/R's that want to work with me which gives me a little piece of mind. However this pick didn't really get to work with my chosen list of C/R's exept for one my Sat partner but we never get to work together.

    If I go to the Fox I get T/F Off it will be a challage working 179 since I really can't stand Sounders and most of the operating personal on the line.

  10. Yeah the ATO L thing on Subchat

  11. My Sun job is open and my Thur C/R is out Sick FN.

  12. You may still have a shot at least for Thurs I already know she good for booking off.

  13. She got curly hair and a big booty but didn't notice a scar on her face. However she was injured on the job a few years back. She is a very nice person I just wish she showed up for work more often.

    Well I put in my bid I got Mosty AM choices and the two I am mostly likely to get is the L Line or RDO REL in QNS 2 V 1 R 2 F. They both report with Put Ins at 5 AM.

  14. Yeah I know Fermin he is cool. We joke around a lot. So my C/R came to work I guess thats good news.

  15. Thank You! Hey keep them coming I'm off all week!!lol

  16. Not Bad but its coming to an end this week coming is my last week. I am moving back home the 6 Line.

  17. There is only one Taylor he the man!

  18. No not yet still one more week in the B Div. I also put my name in to come back into the B Div in Aug

  19. Yeah the R160 R train should be with in 2 Months. I was told they were going to start this month but I don't see it.

  20. The V is alright I'm off at 1 so I don't see the PM people. I really HATE the F on the WKends. Next pick I'm going back PM's in the North or South. I pick on the 23rd

  21. Yeah being a Train Operator over a Conductor feels like a vacation.

  22. Everything is great its summer and got weekends off. I am trying to adjust to the A Div equipment. That god we have a few days off operating Light and Yard Ops before going down the road

  23. Everything is good and you

  24. Just takes getting use too. I am use to operating trains that take longer to stop. These train you take a brake they grab too good. I'm in it for the B Div pick so I may be back soon.

  25. Sure as long as I know you or you Identify yourself to me. I'm not totally closed to taken students just very picky.

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