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  1. It happens in the B Div as well. Just more on the DL.
  2. Ok now who overran TSQ by 2 door panels on the #1 line N/B ? Someone else overran Christopher St S /B.
  3. They supposed to change the TSS jobs so the yards are covered.
  4. Timing is everything. I would have been in good shape if I stayed a C/R or T/O. However not doing bad as a TSS since last year 15 TSS were promoted or retired. The best part is still no pick so come pick time it should look good.
  5. They going to need lots of new A Div C/R's/ T/O's and TSS'S in the next few months. Lots of movement going on.
  6. Two 12-9's Friday. First S/B 1 rumor has it this was another student at 86 St. Then we had a S/B 2 at 34 Street. If it was one interval sooner that would have been a student.
  7. Nice to meet you guys. I heard you all did very well. Even the train I rode was good. I'm a TSS for both 2 and 5 Lines so any question feel free to talk to me. Keep up the good work!
  8. Yeah that was me. I'm the 5 day TSS at Flatbush on the PM.
  9. Did you get to meet some of the 5 Line TSS'S.?
  10. You had that job out of E 180 with the female T/O. If so I rode as well in Bklyn.
  11. The assistant chief officers being switched around. Most of the effects will be seen in B div.
  12. Thats what they want for A Div but they can't figure out how they going to work in there new plan because not enough TSS' s and that means overtime every day. Also change of the gard the ACTO pushing the idea is being pushed into B Div and A Div getting a new guy. Lots of changes coming in RTO. Also the TSS pick is postponed unit the new guys figure it out.
  13. Becareful with the posting school car only suppose to pay you 8 hr and in the Yard your suppose to go home after 8 hours unless the YD lets you work the whole job and is relected on the payroll.
  14. They always do. Reality always sinks in when I escort them to 180 Livingston for incident testing.
  15. Well so far with A Div T/O road posting we got a few operating violatons which is average. I rode someones train they were so slow the follower caught up to them on a 12 min headway.
  16. 1. If you fail school car as someone from the street you go back to the street. However they may offer you station cleaner if they got opening. You can put yourself on the back of the list to delay your MTA employment but no guarantee they call you back. If you don't want to be a T/O then don't. You may or may not get a job in a office. Most office jobs are filled by Station agents and Dispatchers. You need one year in title to be considered for a promotion. If you mess up the chances of promotions are greatly reduced. T/O is a serious job with great responsibility.
  17. You got a lot of good TSS'S in school car.
  18. They get a couse outline and what needs to be covered and a timeline. So they know what they got to teach but not everyone can stand in front of 10 new recuits and teach a class. Once you do it a few times you get better at it but its not for everyone me included.
  19. School car is going to get worst a lot of the current ones are looking to leave because of the lack of OT. Also only a handful applied for the job mostly TSS' s with less then a year. Now they going to draft the replacements. Keep in mind we get NO training to be an instructor they say hello you start Monday 0730 with a class of T/O's have fun.
  20. Everyone needs to keep in mind this is a public message board. If you think higher up don't look at this page think again.
  21. Yeah most got the age and time they trying to leave with a pension before TA trys to take it away from them.
  22. Yeah they don't need as much Conductors now. However T/O's are leaving in droves.
  23. Thats good practice did that many of times
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