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  1. Thats how you do it! Well I thinking about bidding out to the F Line. My Sat job is messing me up even with the reassignments . I pick a job out of Euclid to get off early just to get a Late PM job out of Far Rock. Oh yeah Saturday I lost my B2 at Chambers so if you heard control on the radio calling for any TSS they were trying to get one to respond to my train.

  2. Yeah they reassigned me to Concouse YD this weekend. Some they did worst too like one guy reg job starts 8 AM at 168/Bway they tell him he is reassigned Lefferts Extra Board 10AM then wants him to pick up a PM Switching job at Stillwell. He make a total 14 Hours plus D/H Time since he did sign on at his reg time of 8AM and worked until 22:00.

    Yeah 207 St they forget to tell you between the conversation the T/D and ATD have and running the railroad they forget about the board guy until its time for a sign change.

  3. Its alright my Sunday Job is open for C/R's and Monday is looking ok I got a Hour late clear because 207 YD was messed up from Yard moves , R160 Tansfer, IRT Wash and the A/C Lay Ups.

  4. Hello Mike and welcome. I'm B Div North

  5. Sure as long as I know you or you Identify yourself to me. I'm not totally closed to taken students just very picky.

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