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  1. I like the road where I'm on my own. Hey even my Road T/O's said hell no when they said it. They don't want me to leave the 2 Line.
  2. Ok I seen you guys I was the other TSS taking to them before hitting the road. They trying to talk me into joining school car.
  3. Anyone at 241 Last night seen a new T/O class.
  4. Yeah and another mistake they make is they this HR and MAC work together which they don't they are independent from the other departments
  5. That right RTOman they don't play. Thats why HR always call more poeple then they need because they betting half won't make it past medical.
  6. Look like my New A Div T/O's may have extended training after school car.
  7. The Union TWU can only suggest things to thier members they can't enforce anything because thats Management/Supervision job. The Union would have been more effective if they tell the members to obey the posted speed signs. That would have been more valid because if you hit someone and the posted speed is 15 and you did 25 thats not a good look. Also the notice is misleading it tells them if a supervisor harass you tell the union. So it sound like the TSS is just going to treaten to write you up and the union going to make it all better. That won't be the case they will be off the train and held out of service without pay until they see Labor Relations. So Labor Relations and union will hammer the arguement out rather the said Employee train operation was a Job Action or safety.
  8. Management view is this is an illegal job action. I have been told any T/O who operates 10 miles an hour In every station is to be removed from service for improper Train Operation. Also T/O will be sent to the mac for drug testing and given a ability to perform exam. We going to let labor relations handle all cases instead of the regular re instruction.
  9. Being critiqued is not a bad thing it just shows management that the employee been talked too about various topics. I have to say its real simple with me. If I catch you doing something I'm going to talk to you. If you take my verbal re instruction it ok learn from it. However you give me a hard time then I'll write the person up and let labor relations deal with it.
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Dan05979" data-cid="630712" data-time="1357804668"><p> Yes because some of them are on a power trip and when they see probationary the start acting like fools.</p></blockquote> When a probationary or unknown employee is on the line they must be critqued and Evaluated. I know school car the TSS are suppose to teach and motivate new students. On the road its different our job is more like law and order because when you see me you should know your job the only thing you need from me is Line fertilization. I point out the employees errors and hope they learn from there mistakes before a bad habit causes an incident.
  11. Its funny in school car everyone loves their TSS but when you hit the road things change.
  12. Here is the thing anyone can get a Transit job but not everyone can keep it.
  13. No railking the fun has just started. Just think of this as the reason we have door enablers.
  14. I seen a group of New T/O's at 241 St Tuesday taken a train to E 180.
  15. When I was in School car and some would favor a train like my class loved the R46 the instructor would say a train is a train.
  16. Did someone say the 5 Line? I think i just got a headache. I think almost everyone on the line been down at 2 Bway. The 2/5 is no joke its beyond write up now you just get taken out of service if the Supt or TSS don't like your operation.
  17. I know Dan but your making money with all those long hours even with the government taking a lot out. I know I been single for the longest until last year. You just make the job sound so bad but you can't wait to be a T/O.
  18. Ok Dan don't hold back let us know how you really feel about the Job? I know your not complaining on pay day? However getting real you get paid to sit on the board and everything over 8 hours is overtime pay. It's not easy being extra you will have no life it's true but that's not for ever.
  19. Well we going to arbitration to get what TWU got on there last contract. Then soon as that settles all eyes on TWU then we talk for our next one.
  20. This is how it beaks down. A Div is mostly the Bronx 242/Bway, Woodlawn, 241 St and 239 YD in Wakefield, Eastchester Dyre, E 180, Parchester, Pelham Westchester YD. QUeens Main S and Corona. Manhattan 148 Lenox, Times Sq 7 line and South Ferry. Brooklyn Utica, New Lots Flatbush. B Div Bronx Bedford Pk and Concouse YD Manhattan 207 St, 168 St, 145 St, 14/8, World trade and City Hall. Queens 179 Jamica, Jamaica Center, Continental Forest Hills, Jamica YD , Astoria, Lefferts, Far Rockaway and Rock Pk, Met Brooklyn Coney Island YD and Stillwell Term, 95 St, Canarcie, Brighton Beach , Kings Highway F , Dekalb , East NY YD, Euclid Ave, Pitkin YD, Charch Ave G Line. I may have missed some but this is what Extra looks like in both Div.
  21. When you get called your seniority is determined by your list number. So they call you in seniority order to pick A or B. If your desired Div closes out you go to the other one. You will be stuck in that Div until you have enough seniority to pick a job in the other Div. The average waiting time is 2 to 3 years before you can do that. Please keep this in Mind just because you live close to a terminal like Stillwell does not mean your going to get most of your jobs there. You will still travel to Bedford Pk In the Bx and Jamaica Queens. Like In A Div I know someone who lived by Pelham and got sent to Utica and Flatbush every day. If you live in SI it don't matter what Div you go to your going to travel. However when you can pick then you look at those jobs in south Bklyn.
  22. I did both the Euclid tunnel walk and JYD to Union Turnpike walk. They both came in handy as a B Div T/O.
  23. Good Luck to you Uptown! Glad to be of help if your bored as a T/O thats because your on the same route every day. I use to change it up every pick so I didn't get bored. You can also move up to Train Dispatcher or Train Service Supv Like I did.
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