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  1. I seen a group of New T/O's at 241 St Tuesday taken a train to E 180.
  2. When I was in School car and some would favor a train like my class loved the R46 the instructor would say a train is a train.
  3. Did someone say the 5 Line? I think i just got a headache. I think almost everyone on the line been down at 2 Bway. The 2/5 is no joke its beyond write up now you just get taken out of service if the Supt or TSS don't like your operation.
  4. I know Dan but your making money with all those long hours even with the government taking a lot out. I know I been single for the longest until last year. You just make the job sound so bad but you can't wait to be a T/O.
  5. Ok Dan don't hold back let us know how you really feel about the Job? I know your not complaining on pay day? However getting real you get paid to sit on the board and everything over 8 hours is overtime pay. It's not easy being extra you will have no life it's true but that's not for ever.
  6. This is how it beaks down. A Div is mostly the Bronx 242/Bway, Woodlawn, 241 St and 239 YD in Wakefield, Eastchester Dyre, E 180, Parchester, Pelham Westchester YD. QUeens Main S and Corona. Manhattan 148 Lenox, Times Sq 7 line and South Ferry. Brooklyn Utica, New Lots Flatbush. B Div Bronx Bedford Pk and Concouse YD Manhattan 207 St, 168 St, 145 St, 14/8, World trade and City Hall. Queens 179 Jamica, Jamaica Center, Continental Forest Hills, Jamica YD , Astoria, Lefferts, Far Rockaway and Rock Pk, Met Brooklyn Coney Island YD and Stillwell Term, 95 St, Canarcie, Brighton Beach , Kings Highway F , Dekalb , East NY YD, Euclid Ave, Pitkin YD, Charch Ave G Line. I may have missed some but this is what Extra looks like in both Div.
  7. When you get called your seniority is determined by your list number. So they call you in seniority order to pick A or B. If your desired Div closes out you go to the other one. You will be stuck in that Div until you have enough seniority to pick a job in the other Div. The average waiting time is 2 to 3 years before you can do that. Please keep this in Mind just because you live close to a terminal like Stillwell does not mean your going to get most of your jobs there. You will still travel to Bedford Pk In the Bx and Jamaica Queens. Like In A Div I know someone who lived by Pelham and got sent to Utica and Flatbush every day. If you live in SI it don't matter what Div you go to your going to travel. However when you can pick then you look at those jobs in south Bklyn.
  8. I did both the Euclid tunnel walk and JYD to Union Turnpike walk. They both came in handy as a B Div T/O.
  9. Not much on Promotions just retirements. They don't promote many T/O's to Supervisors.
  10. If I am still there when you hit the road you got a good chance of seeing me. We got s pick coming up.
  11. Glad School car is working out so far. Just have fun and learn. Also to get paid you must sign the payroll every day In and out. This case the TSS messed up but I'm sure they are taken care of it. Once again good luck to all our new C/R and T/O students. If anyone got questions I'll do my Best to answer them. Those that don't know me I'm a Road TSS in A Div.
  12. If I wasn't so busy working 16 Hours a day during the storm I would have currected that person post. People should not post if they are clueless on the subject at hand. Glad you made it and look foward seeing you out in the field.
  13. Those who failed to show up will have to put thier names back on the list in order to be called in Dec. Storm or No storm Future and current employees must show up unless told not too. Once again welcome to transit to all the new Hires.
  14. I'm hearing they going to hire about 120 new T/O's by the end of the year. There suppose 3 big classes by the end of the year.
  15. Good luck to everyone starting tomorrow. Read that rulebook!!
  16. TA workers like RTOman speak the Truth it's a cut troat railroad. It's easy to get the job just hard to keep you need to be 100 % at all times especially in the front. If your not it's my job to take you downtown. I take no joy in doing it but it's my job overrun a station or hit a signal your going to see the man. However my advise is pay attention in school car learn your job and do it at the best of your ability leave your problems at home and also focus on your job. Don't try to operate a train like you have time just get your own feel for the train.
  17. Yes you can be disquilied for that. Also they ask you if you snoore. You say Yes they going to want you to be tested for Sleep Apnea. If they find out during your career they will restrict you until you are treated and conditions improve. Most Train Crew I know spend a average of 6 Months restricted.
  18. Yeah we got about 7 C/R's this year looking for other employment. Someone under my watch got their walking papers last month.
  19. It's the hot spot lots of T/O and C/R's are messIng up some lost their jobs at that location.
  20. You got to really watch out in A Div as soon as you road post no room for rookie mistakes if you do you going to develop a rap sheet. The good old days are gone.
  21. Yes exactly what RTOman posted. However they are starving for School car TSS's they had a memo since Aug for any TSS with over 2 years to apply. Not many or maybe no takers. So now deadline is extended and now it's open to any TSS who wants school car so those new TSS can be sent to teach. I been tapped for it but have also declined it. I love the road.
  22. Yeah if TSS's are leaving and they don't get replaced it has an effect on how many classes they can do. Also TSS's from the road are on loan meaning they have to stay for 6 months to 1 Year and some of them from last year have to return to thier picked jobs now.
  23. They got a School car class doing Road Ops today so they are almost done. Right now they got a shortage of School car TSS/ T/D. The TSS teach C/R's / T/O's /TWO'S/ TSS's. The T/D's teach TWO AND ATD/TD classes. They got a notice out for Supervisors to apply for School car. If they don't get too many applications then they draft supervison from the road.
  24. Ok End of August is looking like a mixed class end of the Promotional list and beginning of O/C list. So forget my last post.

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