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  1. What causes that roaring sound on buses with Caterpillar engines? I thought it was the engine fan but I been on an MCI and a Neoplan artic recently, both with CAT engines and they made that roaring sound the entire time the bus was in motion. At first I thought it was the engine fans but do the engine fans really need to be on every time the bus moves in cold weather?
  2. This post reminds me of NJ Transit, where MCI's run on "local" bus routes with no closed door portion (Like the 156). The ridership is too high on most local routes for coach buses to run open door the entire route, the lack of a back door would be an disaster. Also it would SLOW down the running time on an EXPRESS Bus. While were on this topic, I wish the TA Promoted the X28 to Coney Island during the summer time. Maybe even an seasonal extension of the QM16 to Rilis Beach with off peak and weekend service. Maybe promote such runs as weekend gateway packages like they do on LIRR and MN. Just throwing that out there like shooting an basketball after the ref blows the whistle.
  3. Someone caught 3226 and another car in Fort Lee this morning...
  4. Today I finally got to ride the X27, I've been on every BK express route except the via FDR route to Bay Ridge.
  5. Buses from QV love to train in Canarsie, I see FLA buses over here from time to time as well. I once seen a CS Orion testing in Hempstead Long Island. Also SC buses training down Rockaway Parkway even though they don't operate the B42.
  6. Probably Teething issues.... happens with all brand new transit vehicles, I wouldn't sweat it. I see those buses all the time on the B6 and B82 SBS and they are usually running and working well. Only seen one break down on the B6 once when UP first got them.
  7. Flatbush always had a fairly new fleet, they got 85 NGs brand new and prior to that they always had a lot of 98/99 RTSs. Also ENY and FP got a LOT of OG hybrids brand new while the BX didn't get any OGs.
  8. I'm surprised pollution is still a problem with buses in 2019, I thought this wasn't a problem anymore once all the 6v92 powered buses got retired.
  9. Would it be feasible for one of those Trolley Museum's in New England to save two R110 A cars and have them be operational? Those various museums each have AMUE and SMEE cars I was just wondering if they by chance they got their hands on two R110 A cars could they be operational with the limited resources they have. I have been wondering this for a while now....
  10. I know the entire Transit Museum fleet is not stored at Court Street, the ones not on display are stored at 207th, CI and Pikin. I was hoping they would put it on display in the near future, as I never been on a 110B. I don't visit the TM regularly but from pics and youtube videos they do seems to shuffle the cars around from time to time, especially when cars on display are taken out to be used on fan trips.
  11. A sort of rare sight happened today, there was three R143 sets on all three tracks at the line level at Broadway Junction. Two trains and one (J).
  12. I was guessing as to why the 32's on the line seem to run so poorly. Never knew that in regards to the last sentence of your post (Subway car components getting warmed up).
  13. I think the line is taxing on the cars even though its a part time line, even the 160s were beat up when 207th had those cars. I think it only has 1 layup after the AM rush and the rest of the trains are running all day until the line stops running late evenings. I thought I was the only one who noticed the 32s on the kind of run like crap, brakes slow to release, grunting motors, screeching brakes, etc. They ran a lot better when ENY had the 32s. Even though its the same yard, the ones on the seem to run better.
  14. There was 3 - 4 sets of 32's in service on the today, in addition to a bunch on the nice to see so many 32s out and about on both lines at the same time.
  15. Speaking of dollar vans, not too long ago one was in a police chase with riders on board.
  16. Meh, the vibe there is probably snobby and bougie as hell. I plan to visit the observation deck on the biggest building when it opens but other than that... meh.
  17. Some of GH 40FT buses have those screens, I remember seeing them when I rode the orchard beach shuttle bus. Maybe that's where he got them from.
  18. Today I rode the BM2 for the first time since I moved to Canarsie, I been on it a whole bunch of times when I lived in Flatbush but never in Canarsie. Anyway the bus itself is good and well kept like all of SC buses are, downside is I've been on board for nearly 2 hours and the bus is stuck in traffic on the FDR. There was an delay with an wheelchair rider which was no biggie to me personally since I'm not in a rush.
  19. Cause MJQ and JAM have old buses that are of retirement age, and in the case of Quill the XD40s can run on the M66/72. ENY will get more XD40s for local service, they already have 4 buses for local service, they will 32 for local service IIRC. FLA might have some SBS units unwrapped once they get more artics.
  20. 8 sets, operates 18 trains and 8 sets of them are 179s.
  21. I never noticed the NGs to be sluggish on flat ground. Only going uphill (Like the S79 on the VZ Bridge for example). Same goes for the OG Hybrid.
  22. Surprised the NG will be the most hated once the RTS leave. I thought the Orion hybrids in general were the most liked buses overall by MTA drivers.
  23. ☺️The buses in the Brooklyn Division are so clean and so well maintained. Was downtown BK today and all the buses I saw were so clean. Fresh pond buses have dirty windows but their buses are good "under the hood". Rode an ex FP hybrid on the B17 a couple days ago and that bus was fast as hell. Even one of FP 2015 XDs had a little giddy to it, that was the fastest 2015 XD I been on.
  24. The M9 has 20 minute headways on Sundays so I was surprised to see so many buses parked there. I thought they was using MTA buses to shuttle people for some kind of event or something like that. Sometimes they do use MTA buses for misc events like cop funerals, etc.
  25. Since when was a 110B car apart of the Transit Museum fleet!?! If true that's awesome news, hope they put it on display at Court Street in the near future.

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