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  1. There's a various buses from that batch of XD40s from different depots with signs like that. I get an nice chuckle whenever I see one of those buses with the tiny font.
  2. It's best to store the museum buses indoors so they aren't exposed to the elements.
  3. There aren't any 142/A on the downtown portion of the this weekend, surprisedly.
  4. The 68s run 24/7 while the 68As are weekday only mainly on the and . Also there's an R46 on the today
  5. Sitting in an inward facing seat on an Comet V, feels so weird sitting like this on a commuter rail car lol.
  6. I really don't understand why LIRR riders get so mad when an M3 shows up on their runs. If you check twitter and some Pinepower Youtube videos LIRR commuters HATE the M3s. Railfan biases aside, just speaking as an commuter I don't see how the M7's are much better in rider comfort, the 7's ride like crap and make squeaky noises, I like the M7s as a railfan, but as a regular commuter they just seem to be average at best, to me they ride worst than ALL of NJT commuter rail equipment. I can see why an NJT commuter would prefer the MLV cars over the Arrows but there is very little, if any jump in comfort from the M3 to the M7 IMO.
  7. I noticed the 179s have similar quirks as the Bombardier 142s, on the 179s at times you can hear the trucks bumpin' and knockin' down below just like on the Bomb 142s. Its mainly noticeable in underwater tubes. Also when it comes to ride quality, the Bombardier NTT truck >>>>>>>>>> The Kawasaki NTT truck.
  8. I really hope hybrids are finally assigned to Ulmer Park, would be nice to see weather its OG or NG or a mix of both, as if they are assigned there I would imagine they would give more than 2 buses lol. Perhaps more are there that are inside the depot and have yet to hit service. That would make JG the only BK depot to never have hybrids. I hope 4532 and 4572 are running on UP routes tomorrow. I got to ride the NG Q35 today and that was so much fun, I JUST missed 4532 today when it was at Rock Parkway station heading to New Lots but I was tired and didn't feel like chasing it.
  9. 4156 is on the Q35! Glad to see some NG's be assigned to FR
  10. That is so weird especially considering that SC local buses are spotless. I live near the SC deadhead route for express buses and their MCI's look clean on the outside at least. The two SC MCI's I rode recently were pretty clean. I believe you I'm not implying that you're lying.
  11. Never seen this G.O before... trains run in two sections: 1. Between Pelham Bay Park and Parkchester, every 12 minutes days and evenings 2. Between 3 Av-138 St and Brooklyn Bridge Buses run along two routes: 1. Local buses run between 3 Av-138 St and Parkchester, making stops at Brook Av, Cypress Av, E 143 St, E 149 St, Longwood, Hunts Point, Whitlock, Elder, Morrison and St Lawrence Avs. 2. Express buses run nonstop between 3 Av-138 St and Parkchester. • Transfer between trains and buses at Parkchester and/or 3 Av-138 St. Should be fun for the bus fanners as the nonstop shuttle bus will likely run on the highway. Also the possibility of R142/142A's showing up on the due to the downtown portion being cut off from its yard.
  12. DC Metro is a hybrid of an commuter railroad and a subway, the NY Subway is just... a subway. Can't really compare the two in terms areas covered.
  13. There's also an R32 on the Rock Park Shuttle .. Pity tomorrow is gonna be a washout else this would have been the perfect weekend to spend out in the Rockaways.
  14. Crazy how it was an debate a few days ago about weather or not NTT would run on the Rock Park shuttle this soon and here we are....
  15. The pre NTT cars don't have air bag suspension, and the sound proofing isn't as good, so they feel faster than they are. I know for sure the 179s are faster on the flats than the 32s & 46s, as I tracked the speed on all three fleets on my GPS app. If the SMEE's still had their field shunting, they probably could hold their own speed wise against the tech trains. I think the Staten Island R44's still have field shunting and those accelerate far faster than any of the SMEE's in the current fleet and probably have the same acceleration rates, if not better than the NTT.
  16. This is the reason I suspect LIRR and MN doesn't have an historic fleet, they would have to keep getting modded due to FRA rules.
  17. The ones still in the subway system would most likely be static displays as the entire system will mostly be CBTC by then. Thats why y'all better enjoy the museum cars running though the system while you can, as more and more parts of the system gets CBTC less places they can run.
  18. Yes, but those buses aren't exactly a fan favorite lol.
  19. According to this Newsday article, they are expected be in service by the end of this month: https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/lirr-new-trains-m9-electric-1.30750025
  20. Of course the train crew will be able to make manual announcements on the 211s... The train crew would need to make manual announcements in an emergency and to explain G.O's to the passengers.
  21. My last ever RTS pic and ride... Pic of old next to new... Would had rather it be an Flatbush RTS and an Allison Transmission as my final RTS ride but beggers can't be choosers lol.

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