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  1. Also the green units are pretty much all retired save for a handful at QV. The 05 units are the 2nd oldest and the new buses are flowing in so might as well retire them since there's nowhere for them to go.
  2. There pretty easy to find now, just post up at Chambers or 34th Penn and wait for one to show up.
  3. All NTT car classes so far have had trouble stopping in the rain at some point😁 No surprise the 179s do, I wonder if they ever found a "fix" for this issue on the older NTT car classes.
  4. Today for the first time ever, I came across an R68A with broken A/C😟
  5. There is no demand for such a route, you're better off getting a car for such a commute..
  6. There was up to three sets of 42s in service during the PM Rush today.. I believe it's usually only two at most in service during the rush.
  7. I finally got to ride an QV express route so I been on express routes out of every MTA Depot, even Merdith. Funny thing about MA Depot is I fanned the SIM33 expecting a CAS bus to show up but it was an MA bus lol. I almost passed up the QV bus cause an DD60 02 MCI was on the QM21 and I love those old school MCI's😀 But I ended up riding the Cummins MCI cause I only been on one prior and I didn't feel like taking the Q6 back to the subway once I got off the QM21..
  8. You can't kill the , Bushwick, Ridgewood, etc LOVE the on 6th Ave and would riot if the Brown M was restored.
  9. Take the to 57th street and walk, if an M57 bus is coming when you come out the subway, then hop on that to Columbus Circle.
  10. The R44's in SI have different propulsion systems, and sound nothing like the NYCT 44s even though they are supposedly the same car. The SI 44's don't have that PSSSSHHHHH brake release sound that the NYCT 44s were known for. Also I think the SI R44s still have field shunting, as they accelerate far faster than any of the remaining SMEEs running on NYCT.
  11. I wonder if we will get three pilot trains at the same time.. One pilot 10 car set for NYCT One 8 car set for NYCT And a pilot train for SIR. Was there three pilot trains in the early stages of the 160 order? I know Kawasaki and Astlom each had an 10 car pliot train but I'm not sure when the first 8 car set came. We should at least get one pilot set each for NYCT and SIR at the same time IMO.
  12. The 44s were in good shape mechanically at the time of their retirement, so they would have been fine running today.
  13. The has a guy I never heard before doing the "transfer is available to the train by walking to Juilus St and using your MetroCard" announcement. Sounds like a Black guy with a deep voice. And no, it's not the C/R doing an manual announcement.
  14. Tagged NTT has become an common sight at ENY yard, seems like I see at least one tagged set a week at ENY. I think they are getting tagged at Bowery layup.
  15. First to get R142: The line First to get R142A: The line The was the last mainline IRT route to use Redbirds.
  16. The via NJ express buses must be FUBAR this evening.. O/T for this thread but bus service was suspended out of PABT as well
  17. The right behind it was an 179 and ppl were packed inside like sardines, I passed it up.
  18. Just seen a 10 car set running NIS though Utica Ave S/B just now.. I take it this train had an mechanical problem and had to be removed from service? It had an C/R on board so I doubt it was a yard move and it's the middle of rush hour lol
  19. 4134 to ENY, it's on the B82 right now! Still has FLA stickers though
  20. 3250 still has Charlie's PSA automated announcements, to my surprise.. I'm loving these R179 trains, so cool to see NTT on the !!!!
  21. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/mta-committee-meeting-1.32884710
  22. Warranty work? Whenever a brand new bus goes back to the vendor I just assume its warranty work since New Flyer doesn't have personnel at the depots I would imagine. @Future ENY OP That bus doesn't have the SBS wrap and its assigned to Flatbush's "local" fleet.
  23. XE40s that Quill has seem only to run on the the M42/50. Would be nice if they ran in service on any 40FT route out of Quill like the all Proterras buses at Grand do... I mean this is test phase for these buses so wouldn't make sense to expose to all operating conditions and longer routes like M20? I noticed the XE40 accelerate like light rail trains rather than a bus. It's funny as you can take an Siemens powered or train to times square and transfer to a Siemens powered XE40, this has to be the first time in history that an manufacturer made an powertrain for both subway cars and buses.
  24. They also retired the 98 RTS batch before the 96 RTS batch. 99 Orion V's retired before the 96 & 98 RTS batch, etc.

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