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  1. There was a rumor that there is or was an R32 with an R16 truck. No idea of what numbered 32s they might have been nor if it's one of the units that got reefed.. I heard the museum R10 the one that's operational one of the trucks of from an retired R32. IDK if those R36s still in work service count but those still have the legit SMEE braking system, the other cars that went through GOH got an more modern variation of that braking system. So my guess would be those R36WF assigned to work service has the oldest mechanical gear.. I think the R36s have controllers from retired R30 cars as well.
  2. I JUST seen 4711 on I-95 around the Pelham Bay Park area going N/B... I wonder where its headed
  3. I wonder if Gun Hill will hold on to those XD60s still assigned there for the foreseeable future. Since they have the same powertrain as the Novas (ISL/ZF) maybe they aren't oddballs from a maintenance prospective?
  4. Forgot to post this yesterday, there was an MTA police SUV parked at Rockaway Parkway station. First time I seen them guarding NYCT property, they usually only guard the two MTA commuter railroads. Rockaway Parkway is the easiest station to fare beat, just simply walk into the terminal where the buses enter. I wonder why MTA police was guarding that station as I don't think NYPD even bothers with farebeaters anymore.
  5. More reliable A/C? The R33WF has had rusting problems since the early 2000s and they are still being used in work service today. They even recently added two to R33WF to the museum fleet after being in work service for years. Perhaps the rusting problems on those cars aren't as bad as we think.
  6. Highest- Lex Lowest... maybe the Nassau street line?
  7. I got to ride an 4700 on the B1 today, bus has some power!!! IDK if this bus was like this when when it was in the BX or UP fixed it up, this was easily my best 4700 ride...
  8. The A/C on those buses is non existent. I rode one on the BX12 where it was hotter INSIDE the bus than it was outside! IIRC, the A/C on those units was weak when they ran on the M15 as well. Interior in a lot of them are raggedy as well. I remember when those buses were new, never did I imagine them to age so poorly.
  9. Yikes, move all 90 of the 1200's to one depot!? That would suck for the riders of said depot as from a passenger prospective, simply put, those buses suck lol. And they appear to be beat to hell.
  10. There's at least one set of 32s in service right now, JC bound.
  11. Car 3888, second car in the consist Queens Bound, 7th car Manhattan bound has chains on the #1 end even though no train crew operates from this part of the train. Cars have only been back a couple of days and it seems like they are already shuffling pairs.
  12. There's no way to tell how many will be running on Monday. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the 32s will be treated like the 42s were when there was only 50 of them and ENY had all of their 160s. Vast majority run only during rush hour while a set or two runs off peak and weekends. I predicted the 32s would be used this way and so far it looks like I'm right lol😁
  13. There's in R32 in service on the right now, just passed it at Essex St, should be at Marcy or Hewes street now
  14. Rode an Cuomo scheme Nova out of KB today and the A/C barely worked and every window was open on the bus. Do the Cuomo Nova 40ers in general have crappy A/C or I just got an defective bus? In my experiences of the current fleet the buses with the best A/C are the most recent batch of XD60s we have, most recent batch of XD40s and the Orion NGs. How's the A/C on those Novas on the SBS routes? I can't recall if I ever rode one during the warm weather months. I also seen an XD60 on the M60 today, was kinda bummed about that cause I thought about fanning the M60 today, but didn't. Been wanting to ride an XD60 over the triboro..
  15. When they did those summer swaps ENY usually maintained the 32s assigned to them. It's funny as I would see R32 and R42 pairs hooked up doing yard moves but they never ran an mixed R32/42 consist in service even though it happened pre GOH.
  16. The Rock Park shuttle will be extended to Rockaway Blvd tommorow, I wonder if 160s will run on the shuttle, they use 160s on the Rock Park rush hour specials so it is possible.
  17. Nah.. I doubt they would want to send 62As to the cause of equipment swaps with the at Flatbush terminal.
  18. Tomorrow NYCT is running a weekend schedule which means no service and most likely no R32s. In the years when ENY had all the 8 car 160s and the 50 R42s, the 42s sometimes ran off peak and weekends so I guess possible a 32 could run tomorrow.. https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTSubway/status/1278791557655781376
  19. They wouldn't have responded to such a call. A lot of cops aren't wearing masks themselves lol.
  20. You would get a poor quality video using a zoom in lens to film out of the RFW from a distance cause the movement of the train would make it hard to keep the camera still. Not defending these fanners, just saying why one would'nt film from a distance. EDIT: I wonder why the T/O didn't simply just tell those railfans to move from the restricted area, on the bus side of things these B/O's be straight calling people out who board the bus without a mask.
  21. The R42s can't fit on the IRT though. So I would imagine those Redbirds would still be needed for garbage trains in the IRT. I think only four 62A's are used for work service only and I'm not sure if they do garbage duty on the mainline IRT.
  22. Well damn, MOST of the trains in ENY yard is R32s with some NTT's sprinkled in. It's looks like it's 2004 again with all those SMEE cars in the yard.
  23. Around 2:40PM today an ENY R179 set was running light S/B though Broadway Junction (the A/C platform) I'm assuming it was heading to Pikin Yard..
  24. The two sets of R179s along with the one set of R32s were removed from Canarsie Yard..
  25. LOL There's also videos on YouTube fliming the line from end to end in both directions from the RFW.
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