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  1. If anybody cares, as of a few hours ago that one set of R32s was still at Canarsie Yard along with the two sets of R179s that have been there for a while now.
  2. Since the MTA typically retires buses around the 15 year mark, and the oldest artic's in the system are around 10 years old, the TA won't have to order new artic's for a while. The 1200s sound good but man the A/C units on those buses is horrid. They was like this when they ran on the M15 so it's not GH/KB maintenance as to why the A/C sucks on those buses. 1200s were a downgrade from the D60s in that regard.
  3. I have heard that sometimes those work diesels do have trouble climbing the incline on bridges, when they have an heavy load. One got stuck in the cranberry tubes a couple of years ago, it was CWR train and I guess those little yellow locomotives didn't have enough power to pull them up the incline... https://www.amny.com/transit/a-c-train-service-1-20269157/ I have seen those work diesels traveling though the system during the midday hours before, I once photographed one on the line EL coming from either Lefferts or Far Rock going N/B. I love the horns on those work diesels, they have the same horn as NJT Arrow 3 cars and the PA series PATH trains.
  4. This is why I rarely ever go to Gateway mall even though it's near my house. To get to that mall I have to take the B82 to the B83 or B42-B82-B83 or B17-B82-B83. I always get screwed waiting really long for ethier the B82 or B83 SMH. -------------- Random thought, I was lucky enough to catch one of the few remaining GH XD60s on the BX12, I wasn't even looking for it was the first bus to show up. Went up there to see how Fordam Road was holding after the riots and things seem pretty normal, there was closed stores though. Crazy how Jamaica Ave & Fordam shopping are as busy as they normally are while Midtown & 14th Street is still kinda dead. One thing I thought was funny was that the MN Fordam station house was boarded up (but open). Also I seen multiple buses in BK and the BX with "masks required" signs.
  5. I remember seeing an article a couple days ago that the various NYC protests did not cause a spike in Covid-19 cases in NYC. Those states where cases are going up, they opened too early and that's why they are spiking in cases. NY/NJ/CT handled this situation very well. Also I don't have an A/C at home, so hot and humid days are miserable to me. Quarantining during the spring was easy peasy due to the trash weather well into May. On hot and humid days it's more comfortable to be on an NTT with it's cool A/C than being at home burning up with only a tower fan to keep cool. Or hanging out in the park or beach to keep cool as at times it's cooler outside than it is inside my apartment during warm weather days.
  6. The city is pretty much back to normal, many stores are reopen, restaurants have outdoor dining, beaches are officially reopening in a couple of days. Even then, CI beach was busy the two times I went there this season. I agree with you that they shouldn't crowd the first car, the RFW is roped off but I have a feeling buffs will crowd the first car anyway. Also I assume multiple sets will be in service at the same time so that should help a bit.
  7. Dope that the 32s are returning to service, as long as they go back into retirement when the 179s come back, it's fine by me😁
  8. If the R32s do return to service, I'm curious as to how railfans will react to the RFW being roped off. I have feeling they will be all bunched up on top of each other right behind the chain just to see that view. It wouldn't be as nearly as enjoyable standing far away from the glass anyway.
  9. There was a set of R143s refitted with Siemens populsion prior to the R160 order, eventually, they put back the Adtranz populsion back in that R143 set.
  10. The BXM4C used MCIs prior to the Orion V bring used on the line. I think the MN Harlem line slowly killed off the BXM4C. Metro North is fairly young (didn't start until 1983) and from what I understand, the railroads that operated the HUD/Harlem/NH lines weren't as good as Metro North is today. Plus GCT was a dump until sometime in the 80s or early 90s. I think MN improving Harlem line service made the Harlem line more attractive and over the course of time BXM4C riders jumped ship in the masses. Also there is transit agencies out there that already operate single door suburban XD40s, so it would be no problem for New Flyer to build single door XDE40s for Bee Line.
  11. This was a few years after the takeover, I don't think many ex triboro RTS lasted that long. The vast majority of the PBL RTS's that made it to the NG order was mainly ex Jamaica and ex Queens Surface units. Also I rode an 96 Nova with an S50 EGR before, in like 09 or 10.
  12. Full weekday service returns July 6th https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/06/nj-transit-trains-light-rail-return-to-a-regular-weekday-schedule-on-july-6.html%3foutputType=amp
  13. Ridership was very light on both trains..
  14. I wonder if FLA will get some XD40s from UP to replace the NGs sent to ENY. Crazy that UP has artic's... Mainly because the depot itself is old as dirt so I didn't think it would be possible for artic's to run out of that garage.. Also crazy that the B1 rather than the B6 is the UP route they choose for artic's, considering in many cases artic's are a service cut and they would save money by having less B6 runs.
  15. The R142A didn't get sidelined in 2018, I doubt Jerome has enough Bombardier 142s to make rush hour service without using the 142A's. We would have heard of trains from other yards being being transferred to Jerome while the 142A's were out. When the 142s had their problems in the mid 2000s, the got some 142A's and the got some 62A's to help those yards make service. Even then, there was Bombardier 142s still running throughout the whole ordeal. Perhaps the doors were the leading cause of failure on the 142A's and that bought the MDBF down, but I seriously doubt the entire fleet was sidelined in 2018.
  16. 4 tracking the Raritan Valley line? That came out of left field... I wonder if it's because that line shares the two tracks it has with freight trains, but I never heard of RVL service being negativity impacted by sharing it's tracks with freight trains.
  17. Saw on the news that bus Ridership has went up since Phase 2 started, how they do know that if most of the buses in the city is still free?
  18. On MTA.info go to the schedule section and put in Penn Station to Babylon and it shows you ALL the stops each train makes. To make things easier, the runs that say they take an hour or so to go from NYP to Babylon are the express runs. The expresses on the Babylon Branch seem to be pretty random as to what stops they make and what stops they skip, etc.
  19. Today I finally did an railfan trip I've been wanting to do for an while now, railfan one of the Babylon Branch express runs. I've ridden the Babylon Branch quite a few times in the past but it was always local runs, etc. Finally rode it today and man did it live up to hype! Hit MAS (80 MPH) and stayed in the 70s for a good duration of the express run. Second best commuter rail express run in the Tri State, only the 3900 NEC express runs on NJT is better IMO. Coming back to the City the train I got was also an super express run, great day of fanning. Always nice to ride an commuter rail route from end to end. Also, I saw four sets of M9s running in service, NO M3 were seen in service. Read on RR.net that the M3s have only ran in service once in the entire month of June so far. LIRR service is pretty close to an regular schedule from what I saw today, once a few more sets of M9s are in service the LIRR M3s might be done for good sooner rather than later.
  20. I guess that explains why I haven't seen that bus in quite some time. I would say why they just don't take an spare B400 from a retired bus at ECH, but the last retired MTA bus fleet to use those transmissions in the masses was the Orion V and those buses are long gone. Reminds me of one time I caught an ex PBL TMC RTS on the Q69, I was happy as hell to catch that bus, driver let us on at the first stop before turning the engine on. Driver turned on the engine and the bus had an crappy EGR S50, I was pissed lol. They clearly took an engine out of an retired NYCT retired repowered RTS and put it in a PBL unit.
  21. Flatbush Ave used to be one of my home stations, till this day it's my favorite terminal in the system. Many memories of going down to that station to see Redbird trains making that loud humming noise, as a kid I obviously had little to no knowledge of subway car inner workings so I thought the trains were warming up for their long run to the BX lol. In addition to that, I love the unique setup of the terminal. The side platforms never bothered me. IIRC, before the digital countdown clocks were installed there was this old school sign that lit up telling which train on which track was leaving first. Similar to the sign at DeKalb station downtown BK. There was an entrance to the station south of the bumper blocks so you could just enter there for easy access to both platforms. I also remember the NTT and SMEEs having separate stop car markers on the track where the terminates on. That's the only terminal in the system where I seen such a thing.
  22. Is the eagle team even still doing rounds since the pandemic hit? I've had a station agent straight up tell me to walk though the gate when all the MVM in this particular station was broke. I have an reduced fare card (those with reduced fare cards can still pay with cash at the booth) I showed her my card and she directed me to walk though the gate and I did lol Off topic, but B42 riders get a free subway ride since B42 riders don't have to swipe to transfer to the train I've been abusing the hell out of that loophole.
  23. I'm not I'm not employed by either of the two MTA railroads but, I would imagine that some of the cab controls in the middle of the train are "cut off" when not in use? I been inside the cab of both the M3 and M7's at Croton Harmon shop open house tour and none of the buttons worked when I pressed them. I know that on NYC Subway trains the horns still work in the C/R cabs as C/R's honk to T/O's on another train on local/express runs. I never felt tempted to do such a thing cause I'm pretty sure the train crew would call MTA Police to meet the train en route to have you arrested. I seen train crews on multiple occasions on both LIRR and NJT call for cops to meet a train en route and eventually see a passenger taking off the train in cuffs. I'm good lol
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