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  1. Thanks i took shots at casey from the ramp across the street from shea studium. From the ramp you can over the whole depot and the others are at 126th st depot.
  2. I have been noticing that they are starting to fix up that station. hope the unused platfrom will still be visable once the work is competed...
  3. Thanks i took the R143 pics at rocaway parkway not broadway junction...
  4. Thanks they are used for work service and they are holding up great!!! Better than the R142A!!!! Btw those 142As on the need an SMS badly they are in really bad shape...
  5. Thanks as for your question i think they used those hybrids they was running all over the place inside the depot LOL.
  6. They made by kawasaki which is in kobe japan. They build the cars over there and send them to yonkers to finsh up the work. Then they send them to whatever transit system they will run on......
  7. Nope theres no PA5s in service. They are not even in the US yet they are in japan somewere being made..... As for what they will sound like my guess would be that they will sound something like this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8KL5KSKG4A&feature=related
  8. Thanks! Im not sure which tracks those trains derailed on i think it was only minor damage...
  9. Not in service maybe that set was getting ready to be moved to pikin yard.....
  10. If anybody wanted to know what 42nd street lower level looked like. Heres a video from the movie ghost... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Sdt5fUCYk&feature=related
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