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  1. They rarely ever do the the whole snowstorm loaner thing on weekdays, SI will probably get their buses back overnight.
  2. Forgot to mention this, a couple days ago I came across a Bombardier 142 with screechy brakes, which is so rare. I have been riding those cars regularly practically their whole service life's and rarely ever came across one with screechy brakes.
  3. @Future ENY OP it had BP stickers but they could have not gotten around to changing them yet. Seeing that hybrid on the B103 so reminded me of my high school years. It caught me off guard and had me like...
  4. Whoa, the XDE40s are at Jamaica!?!?! (Check the moves and transfers thread) Since it seems like they are doing a tour of the system pleassseee let them make a stop at UP.... Glad 0016 finally got transferred to Quill, for the sake of diversity I hope Proterra wins the EB order, that and the Proterra is more fun to ride than the XE40 IMO.
  5. It's one of the ENY originals, I hardly ever get those these days.. well the ones numbered in the upper 4900s at least, I usually get 5000s or the lower 4900s assigned to ENY. Speaking of RTS, I rode one out of every Depot that has them today except for MJQ.. I plan to ride an MJQ RTS today as well once I'm able to make it to the city. Since the RTS fleet is on borrowed time, I always wanted to do an fan trip like this. So far today I been on ENY/UP/FLA RTS's and right now JAM..
  6. Finally got to ride 4970 today, it seems like it's always on the B42 but I always just miss it.
  7. Pic of the train that crashed into the platform.. Credit goes to Reddit.
  8. I'm happy about these happenings in regards to Flatbush bus assignments. With the B46 artics being on hold that means all the 40ft SBS buses must stay on the 46 and Flatbush will have a large amount of RTS for a little bit longer. I think the LFS order will indirectly kill off RTS in the masses from FLA by bumping hybrids there from SI or the BX.
  9. Found this on Reddit, a 160 train with the FIND stuck on both the AND programs...
  10. Today I rode an 179 that had an software issue of some sort. Train pulled into 34th St, doors opened the announcements went normally until it said the next stop was Kingsbridge Rd and the FIND shut off, seconds later, the FIND came back on and everything was normal again. When I got off the train the outside sign said "Via Concourse". That was one confused train.
  11. 6365 has the same setup in the rear as the 6800s and NG hybrids... Was this bus always set up like this? Glad I finally got to ride 6365, hopefully AMS Depot is in its future!
  12. 6398 is probably working the L train shuttle.
  13. Some SBS XD40s will probably be unwrapped and put in local service to retire some of the RTS.
  14. Train is at Far Rock - Mott Ave right now. Wasn't even looking for it, since I didn't an chance to ride it on the Rockaway elevated structure the first time I rode it, Guess I'll do that now lol.
  15. This is an mistake, this weekend the F is running on that portion of the line, but local, as well as the weekend before March 25th.
  16. Yesterday I seen an C40 on the B35, you don't see that too often, nice blast from the past! Whenever a 40FT runs on the B35 these days its usally an XN40, even right before the artics came the 35 was mostly XN40 for whatever reason.
  17. MTA drivers don't drive them from the factory to the service center, somebody else does that, TA drivers only drive them from the service center to the depots.
  18. Nova buses are delivered in NJ somewhere and IIRC MTA drivers do take them from the service center to the depots.
  19. When the rest of the 5 car sets start coming in, the foam will pick up.
  20. 5209 broke down on the B44 today, I found out on Twitter of all places lol. I hope it's something minor as I really wanted to ride that bus😞😞
  21. Yesterday for the first time in many years, I rode an MTA MCI with an DD60!!!😁It was in pretty good shape for an 02 bus, ran really well with a lot of power, unit out of CP. We have an diverse MCI fleet right now, MCIs with three different power trains, DD60, CAT C13 and Cummins ISL.
  22. He's talking about the GMC RTS that got repowered into a DD50. I'm pretty sure most members on here were really young when that bus was in service. That bus was retired like what, 15+ years ago?
  23. NJT first got CNG coaches in the late 90s which were recently retired.

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