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  1. At 2PM, all NYC buses pulled over for a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd. The B/O announced this over the PA system. The B/O of the bus I'm on pulled into the bus stop, pulled the parking brake, and threw up the Black Power fist for a bit. Very dope gesture!
  2. I agree with this entire post. With Covid and protest's and riots going on, I'm sure the last thing on Cuomo's mind is some old subway cars. I honestly think this whole "Cuomo hates the R32s and wants them gone" is just some imaginary railfan tales. Nobody ever posts an article or source of Cuomo saying such things.
  3. Supposedly the same thing happened to a Bombardier R142 on the curve between 138th and 149th many years ago.
  4. Midtown is getting looted like crazy, I can totally understand the TA outright suspending the UP express routes. I'm surprised they didn't suspend bus service in the BX, that borough is like a real life GTA right now.
  5. That the city will start to reopen June 8th? I will say, it's crazy how the protests have damn near knocked Covid-19 out of the news cycle.
  6. I wonder how buses are boarding at 165th Bus terminal considering that ppl can't go though the front door? 165th is a tight fit and the doors on most buses that stop there open outward, must be a hassle I'd imagine. Also wondered how they handled wheelchair operations at 165th when RTS's were still around.
  7. Been riding the subway more often these past couple of days, ridership is still light, but some noteworthy things happened today.... The R160 train I rode, one of the doors got stuck in my car and the C/R had to come and cut out that problematic door, trip was smooth sailing from there on out. Transferred at Canal for the Broadway BMT, a 160 showed up first, went express, train was empty and it hauled ass down the Broadway Express, very fun ride. Coming home, took the train home and got an 179, at 14th street, an express caught up to my and both trains arrived at Canal at the same time, got the lineup first and went ahead at Canal. Normally, when a train goes in front of the at Canal St, usually the blows past it around the Clifton - Washington Stop. But this time, that same train that was right behind my didn't catch up until Rockaway Ave! I wonder what delayed that train, it was a 179 and was tempted to transfer in Manhattan, but it was more crowded than my and thus harder to social distance. Also the seems to running on 7 minute headways. Riding the subway during this pandemic has been fun, little to no dwell time, trains are practically empty, etc. I was in quarantine for most of the pandemic, but started venturing out more often now that Covid-19 has died down a bit, thus it "feels" safer to travel.
  8. Ok. I checked CPTDB a couple months ago and think only NYMTA was listed, couldn't find pics of XE60s in other properties back then as well, only was pics of the demo bus. Both are updated now though. I must have overlooked or missed that MBTA was the first to have them. *Facepalm* EDIT: LACMTA had XE60s since July of last year!? I have been living under a rock for bus happenings smh lol.
  9. I think NYMTA is the first ever TA to operate the XE60, so that adds more teething issues as those XE60s at Quill are the first of their kind to run out in the real world. I think the NYMTA would have been the first to operate the restyled MCI as well, I was worried about that if MCI won the express bus order, but Prevost ended up winning the order so it's moot
  10. Yea the R62/62A have more horsepower than the older IRT SMEE's. I found an data sheet for the 62s but not any of the Redbird car classes. I just assumed at least some of the parts were interchangeable cause for example the R33ML and R62 propulsion sounds the same and some of the under body equipment looks similar. Also its been said that the TA went back to tried and true technology for the R62/62A order after all the problems the R44/46 had, and I just assumed the cars that became the Redbirds got upgraded with similar technology to the 62/62A during GOH. I should have added a question mark to the second sentence of my post. I know at one point (forgot the exact time period) they did assign IRT cars to shops by propulsion system, but I can't figure out if they followed this practice into the 90s. I rode Redbird trains quite a few times as a kid, I got to ride them on all three Lex Ave lines and the back then, but never the sadly. I eventually got to ride a redbird on the but it was one of those Mets opening day specials though. I never knew that R62A existed until I started posting on forums like this, prior to the R142s I only seen Redbirds on the (5)..
  11. Cause they don't wanna stock parts for two different fleets at Livonia and 240 St shops. Yea, in the Redbird days the and had a mix of Redbirds & 62s, but I think the line's Redbirds & 62 had the same propulsion system and the line Redbirds and the R62A have the same propulsion system. So I assume they used the same parts. I know at one point cars were assigned to IRT shops by propulsion system, even though one shop would have multiple car fleets.
  12. I just saw this on twitter Its crazy to see NYC B/O's take such a bold stance, this is historic.
  13. 4331 is being used as a police bus, I wonder if the person driving the bus is MTA or NYPD?
  14. Low key, the MTA could run an R32 final trip and rather than have it be free, make it a paid trip, that's one way to enforce social distancing lol. Back in the day I believe some of the final runs of certain car classes were paid trips and not free. They were better as they went all over the system rather than go back and forth on one route. I remember seeing the description for one of those old MOD trips and the goal was to cover as much of the A or B div (I forgot which one it was) as possible.
  15. Today I rode the subway again, ridership was sightly higher, but still very low. Seen whole families and groups of teens riding the subway today. Was very easy to social distance on all the trains I rode today. Nothing noteworthy happened on my way to the Park, but coming home I decided to take the or to the home rather than the to the . Both the downtown & pulled into 57th Street seconds apart, I look into the tunnel on the express track and see the diamond rollsign but I can't tell what type of equipment it is, I assumed it was an R46. I see the pull in and its the 68A! I was gonna take the Q originally but since the N was a 68A I decided to take that instead...... but then the pull in and its an 68A!!!! *foams* R68A are really nostalgic for me since my early years of High School 68A's dominated the which I rode daily. Really enjoyed riding the 68A from 57th to Canal. Prior to the pandemic I was fanning the BMT Broadway line a lot due to the car swap but I'm really happy they are using 68A's on the again.
  16. Not my photo but I had this photo saved on my computer...
  17. He has 2000 subs cause his videos are entertaining. His video about Phil Murphy closing the parks in NJ is classic... Dude is damn near cutting a wrestling promo. Yea the things he complains about is silly but its entertaining, another youtuber even tried to copy his formula of making videos, made a video saying the Q27 is the Babylon Branch of QV depot LMAO.
  18. In the late 2000s, I seen some dudes jumping on a B54 bus like in that video after the PR day parade. Their was an party like environment around Myrtle Ave & Broadway that evening.
  19. The beaches on Long Island will be open, but not NYC.
  20. In reply to your last question, this is only I guess but... A lot of train sets get boxed in on the express tracks under QB/Hillside when they are layed up for the night, sometimes all weekend, the 179s are still under warranty so maybe they keep them on the so ENY shops can access them at anytime. 143s on the might be for a similar reason, a lot of 179s might be OOS for warranty work so they use 143s in their place.
  21. I made an mistake, NY STATE beaches will open but NYC beaches will stay closed until further notice. Sorry for the confusion everyone
  22. Cuomo just said the beaches will reopen on Memorial Day weekend. This will be a disaster for the Q35 as those buses be crushloaded during beach season WITH the entire bus being available. This year it will be even worse with the front of the bus closed to passengers and buses being free. Of course you can't social distance in a crushloaded bus, Q53 will have the same problem. A couple days ago I took the B103 to Wendy's as I had a taste for their food. Going there the bus was pretty close normal crowding levels the 103 has, no way everyone on that bus was an essential worker. I took the bus to Wendy's only for it to be closed for takeout (it was drive thru only).
  23. Homeless ppl riding express buses is some grade A F***ery. Spending a night on the express bus is like spending a night in a royal suite compared to the subway.
  24. Their life expectancy is longer than 35 years, since the cars are stainless steel they should be fine in that regard long term. Only thing the TA gotta worry about is the mechanical performance of the cars, bombardier sets are doing good, Kawasaki ones on the are doing good and the ones on the are improving. As long as we don't fall into another deferred maintenance era the NTT should be fine long term.
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