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  1. There was a discussion last page about OG hybrids not being capable of doing that (all of the OG's at Quill are OOS for this very reason). Just saying there are some OG where the B/O can open the rear door without passenger interference. I have not seen every single 6800 has ENY has in action since the pandemic started lol so I can only comment on the ones I saw. If anybody is interested, the 65/6600 at ENY have been running since pandemic started, however IDK if it's possible for the B/O to open up the rear doors on those.
  2. I seen an 6800 out of ENY where the rear doors opened without passengers touching anything. So at least some OG Orion's are capable of doing this.
  3. The LIRR electric fleet is currently 100% M7 since the essential service started, as both the M3s AND M9s are in storage right now.
  4. This post has me cracking up LMAO. Dude called overzealous fanners a simp for constantly bothering the NYCT Twitter account about an R32 final trip. Being the person behind the NYCT Twitter account gotta be one of worst jobs to have.. regular passengers constantly cursing you out when there's a service disruption, railfans asking railfan related question, like where a certain car model is at on a particular route, R32 final run, etc. Someone should ask NYCT Twitter if 76th Street really exists, I'm curious as to what their answer would be lol
  5. For the first time since mid March, I rode the subway today. Not to railfan, but to go the park. It was surreal, ridership is LOW. Took the to the and both trains no more than 5 ppl in the entire car the entire trip. This time of day usually a whole bunch of people get off at Broadway Junction, today, only a handful of people. Broadway Junction N/B A/C platform, ghost town, usually fairly busy this time of day. 14th/8th Ave stop was practically empty, it was so quiet in the station I could hear my sneakers pressing against the floor, that station is usually a madhouse this time of day. Nice to see ppl are following the MTA orders of staying off the system unless you're an essential worker. I kinda felt guilty for riding today but the weather is so nice today and I couldn't resist the urge to enjoy it.
  6. I know it's the bridge side of DeKalb, I lived along the Brighton Line a good portion of my life rode trains though DeKalb over the bridge many times. My post was replying to BM5's post (forgot to quote him) saying they can't run though DeKalb at all. I'm saying they can run museum cars though the bridge tracks at DeKalb as seen in the video.
  7. Why are y'all worried that this will be for good? Maybe I'm misremembering but I recall reading one of these transit boards that's it's easier to keep the system running 24/7 than to shut it down every night. I'm pretty sure trains will still be running light throughout the system during this closure. Not to mention all the ppl who work odd hours, etc. This is the "city that never sleeps" no way this will be permanent.
  8. I believe the TOMM passed though DeKalb AFTER the Montague tube rebulid. None of the cars in the TOMM consist can fit in the rebuilt Montague tube so I would imagine 60FT SMEEs can run via the Bridge for special occasions. Here is the video proof
  9. I assume this is the Flushing Ave on the and lines? Woodhull is right next to that stop, maybe someone with mental illness got released from the hospital. A couple months ago, I was eating at an restaurant near Woodhull and there was grown man in the restaurant crying like a baby and mumbling random things. I saw the tag on his arm seems like he recently got released from there. I still ordered my food and ate it in the restaurant despite that lol.
  10. They don't assign cars based on MDBF, well in modern times at least. If they did that then R32s wouldn't have been assigned to the in recent years. If the R46 MDBF is supposedly dropping so fast (is there even any proof of this?) then Pikin Yard would just have to deal with it or try to figure what's the main cause of failure on the R46s and try and fix it.
  11. Ever since the R42 final run fanners have been obsessed with this R32 final run. I like the 32s and rode the final 42 run and I don't really see the appeal. The train will rush hour like crowds full of railfans, is that really enjoyable? That's not a knock against railfans, riding a crushloaded train period isn't really enjoyable. It would only be worth it me if the final run was on a southern BMT line like the or Plus half of y'all will make posts complaining about "foamers" and railfans misbehaving on the train. The R38, R40M, R44 didn't get official final runs and nobody lost sleep over it back then. I just don't understand why railfans are so obsessed with car classes having an special final run all of a sudden. Random, but when I rode the R42 final run, if I had a drink Everytime some buff said the word foamer I'd die of alcohol poisoning.
  12. No.....Wait until the city re opens/gets back to normal then we can expect to hear about an R32 final run.
  13. The title of that Reddit thread is comedy "Rest in hell with that R42" LMAO
  14. I don't believe the R32s are done for good and I WANT the 32 to be retired lol
  15. The 1 year anniversary of the RTS (Remember those!?) retirement is coming up.. it happened in early May. Crazy to think they have been gone for almost a year now.
  16. Last night I had an dream that I rode an pre GOH R42 on the which is odd as I never been on an pre GOH R42. It was 4 cars long and accelerating faster than the post GOH R42 did, I said to myself in the dream, these cars still have field shunting! I got off at Broadway Junction and tried to take a video on my phone of the train but it left before I could open the video app. I stay having dreams about retired transit vehicles that they are still in service in current day, and when I wake up, I'm bummed that these transit vehicles are retired😟
  17. Nothing wrong with busfanning in your neighborhood, I'm talking about taking pics & vids, not riding. MTA is straight up telling ppl if you're not an essential worker, STAY HOME! It would be funny if buffs are riding the system anyway as fanners are very critical of regular passengers not following rules lol.
  18. The reason the TA buys NTT is old replace old SMEE's, the R179s easily did that with the R42 and already took a big chunk out of the remaining R32 fleet and could possibly replace all of them. No point in keeping a small fleet of 50 cars that are 50 years old running if they aren't needed. I also think the TA made a big mistake retiring the cars the R62A replaced, A/C always breaking down on those, the overhead fans on the R17/21/22 were much more reliable! Seriously, these cars have to retire eventually, the TA doesn't have infinite yard space and can't horde an whole bunch of old subway cars in case an NTT fails.
  19. SI operators driving BX routes.... I'm assuming they are giving them route directions on a sheet or something along those lines?
  20. In the middle of March before things got crazy they were barely using the R32s. If they do come back I hope they don't run everyday and run at random times so railfans have a hard time finding them
  21. Yeah, I visit a hospital a couple of times a month and now those appointments gotta be done over the phone. I actually went to the Hospital in mid March and they was checking everybody's temperature before you entered the building, and the area I go to which is usually fairly crowded was empty that day. Also the seating area in the lobby was roped off.
  22. I hear the subway is damn near a wasteland now with dirty cars and piss and poop being common in the cars, poop BETWEEN the cars and ppl openly urinating inside the train rather than between the cars or on a subway pillar. Ridership is down 90 percent. I would imagine the employee shortage gotta be effecting the department that maintains the tracks too? I wonder if this train derailment is because they have a shortage of ppl inspecting the tracks. And if you think I'm crazy for suggesting this, derailments were common in the 70s & 80s "deferred maintenance" era and once the system improved in the 90s derailments hardly ever happened.
  23. I'll always associate R32s with the line, how fitting the final run was on the line. IF that was the final run, these R32s are like roaches and always find a way to survive somehow😠 At this point I won't believe they are retired until we see them being trucked off for scrap lol
  24. Both SMEE's and NTT get taken OOS daily due to door problems. Scrolling thought NYCT twitter it seems like the #1 reason a train gets taken OOS is due to an door problem. I wouldn't sweat a random train getting taking OOS.
  25. The Orion CNGs with soft seats operated on the local routes at SC in like 2009, 2010, use to ride them all the time at B100 & B103. UP & QV operated RTSs with express bus seats on locals after the MCI's demoted them to local service.
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