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  1. This whole thing is backwards, you expect people to hold their trash cuz there's no cans in the station? Watch how fast that's going to backfire.
  2. But there's no physical track connection to NY from the Main Line yet The ARC plan had room for it but it was killed so now even with the gateway tunnel, we may never see a PJL or PVL train go direct to NY. Unless Amtrak throw a curve and gives NJT the rights to build the U-turn.
  3. I like this idea And futher more, dropoffs on NY street (like how sometimes they do) would also benifit. I got dropped off near Time Square once off the 139 because Port Authority was doing the ususal bus conga line and personally I liked it better. What was even better the bus driver had the common sense to drop us off at a subway entrance. So it wasn't a hell of walk to get to the train. They should do that more often.
  4. I said I saw a 14 car LIRR train on railroad.net and got flamed at so bad from "conductors" and "yard masters" on that forum. So either these people dont know shit about LIRR and just say they're these people or I was tripping that day. I can also said on a deadhead I saw 14 car Arrow III train. I had pictures of every pair and lost them by the time I posted that also on railroad.net. The NJT employees also had a field day with me. Like honestly, these are not dream, I sat there and counted.
  5. My 2 Cents: Okay, the tail tracks already end at the foot of 25th Street so banging out a 23rd Street station will be easy, getting it to 14th will be challengeing considering the line has to paraelle the river and I don't think they can bore that close to the river unless diping the line down more. So I say, bring it to Chelsea Piers and leave it alone. No 41st Street station because we all know that a boondogal right there. Afterwords, extend the SAS into the Bronx even if it's just to the Hub. It will benefit the Lexington alot.
  6. I support the idea being a former Canarsie resident who had family basically all along the Bay Ridge ROW. When I was a little boy, I use to live with my grandma for a year on Whittey Lane in East Flatbush across the street of what it now called the Manhattan Storage Company and I always visioned riding a R68 train down that line to my other grandma's house or to my friends in sunset park. Even being in Canarsie I always said, a subway would benefit here. The line has a potential it's just alot of NIMBY-ism will be involved. If there was catenary on it still it could've been a neat grade sperated Light rail.
  7. I'm actually pissed they changed the font on buses cuz now they have so many signs with tiny font and it just will make route identification so much harder.
  8. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/gov-cuomo-state-pols-finalize-mta-deal-ave-subway-projects-move-planned-article-1.1050828#ixzz1qNcSqDmb Looks like the Second Avenue Subway is on track as well as ESA.
  9. I can see where u were from South Amboy. South Amboy's waterfront is right across the water.
  10. If it was up to me, I'd order 75 new NABI CNG 40-LFW 3Gs and give the leased MTA units back instead of retiring the Orion Vs. The NABI CNG 40-LFW 3Gs I can see doing well in Long Island.
  11. I like the rollsign playing Thanks for uploading, Jon! I just wanna point two things out, the R10s of 1980s had all the IND Lines on there rollsign, not just the and . They had all letters -. and there's no Gun Hill Road reading on the R12s! I can only make half a 3rd Av El train, hehe. Just wanted to point it out. I'm not gunna be the guy who demand you change it, take you time :cool:
  12. The "long" back door has been discontinued by Orion. The standard is now "even" doors. The only option I can see NICE taking is maybe Frameless windows. Thats about it.
  13. Spray Decal Sealent is also a good investment.
  14. I was gunna say 1827 but someone beat me but was 1818 mentioned? Saw it yesterday on the N4 in Jamrock with 1827 being the next run. Two repaints back to back was cool to see. Cuse me two REPATCHES.
  15. Good lord, MTS is ballin' now a days. 2000 buses?!?! The RTS ain't going nowhere.
  16. I wonder if the higher 1700s gunna get repatched nexted after the 1800s are done.
  17. Bus drawings belong to Jelo Cantos and Alexander Ly receptively. I just painted them. DO NOT ASK for the tinplates. And some buses are not fully finished. NYCTA/MTA Bus New Flyer C40LF: Orion V Imagine? Orion VII Other NYCTA/MTA Buses 2011 Triboro Coach New Flyer DE60LF 2009 NICE Bus Orion VII NG Coversack Transit City Bus Orion VII CNG Yes this scheme is based of the new decal scheme shut-up! lol. Coversack Transit Suburban Bus Orion V The scheme is freebased. Metropolis Transit Orion V I created this scheme myself Enjoy!
  18. And WMATA brings back disco the transit way That shell looks nice, I trust it will be awesomeness like every other Kawasaki product out there. Reminds me of 75 foot R42s. Lol. MARTA should look into buying these cars as well since MARTA is based of the D.C. System.
  19. Their actually called MAN Lion City G's. Mercedes does own the design and the buses are built in Munich. MAN Lion's City G RATP n°4657 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  20. Trevor Logan answered this question in a previous thread, so I'll repost what he said. "Yes, buses #1760-1839 were MTA-owned and are now leased to Nassau County/Veolia. #1700-1759 are directly owned by Nassau County as are all of the Orion 05.501 CNGs. The 1800s specifically were purchased with TIGER grant funds that were granted to the MTA not Nassau County. Thus why those buses are Soup to Nuts, MTA-spec'd, there was no input from the county on those buses unlike the 1700s. The upper 1700s share a little more MTA spec than the lower 1700s. Also the major sight factor is the blue stripe. All Nassau County owned buses had to wear county colors (Orange & Blue). Nassau County threw a huge hissy-fit when the MTA stripped off a couple of Orion 5s into straight blue and had to return those units to Orange & Blue stripping." Answers everything right here.
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