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  1. I was gunna say 1827 but someone beat me but was 1818 mentioned? Saw it yesterday on the N4 in Jamrock with 1827 being the next run. Two repaints back to back was cool to see. Cuse me two REPATCHES.
  2. I wonder if the higher 1700s gunna get repatched nexted after the 1800s are done.
  3. The Arrow IIIs on NJT are worse with the faux-wood paneling. It makes you feel like you're sitting the 70's. It's gotta go. And for the one person that said, the R68s might not get automatic announcements, That's probably happening within the next year or two. I think if I remember correctly, MTA already awarded the bid to a company and they had a preview of it in APTA. And the system might go in every other class of car cept the 32s and 42s. So that leaves the R62, R62A, R68A, R46, and R44-SIs. But now that's a maybe. Right now I heard ONLY 68s.
  4. I rode the 103 from my old Project in Canarsie (E108) to the Junction in Command days when the was always out for construction during the CBTC construction. At the Junction, it was DROP OFFs only in the AM. A few would try to get on but were turned away. The 103 used nothing but CNG RTS in those day. *Pigeon crow*. Idk how 103 works now. I kinda miss the soft comfy seats on the Command RTS so it may sound dumb but the hard plastic seats of MTA bus is the only thing that held me reriding it. (and the fact I don't live in Canarsie anymore.)
  5. Yup...cept I don't have it too bad. My communication skills are horrible tho.

  6. Haven't shown off my screen inna while but why not. Arrow IIIs all day.
  7. I think magnets tampering with the signal system is not exactly a 'Glitch', that a damn DEFECT!
  8. Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki... Look at how bad they screwed up the M8s!!!! I want this one to go to Rotem.
  9. No, the M8 will only use the LIRR third rail inna event of emergancy. It will use overhead cat in the Penn. Please don't fight with me. I'm in no mood to break it down to a machinical level.
  10. Mechanically, if it can run to Penn, it can run to Secaucus. END OF STORY. The only reason why it won't ever see Secaucus cuz it's a Metro-North trains and only MNs at Secaucus are 46 steps down from where an M8 could go.
  11. The IRT Main can NOT handle a 60 foot car anywhere underground. The and Dyer Avenue can theoretically operate a 60 foot car outside. Platforms shaved back of coruse. Shit....The Dyer Avenue Line can handle Shoreliner cars and Genesis's if properly converted.
  12. R44 Goggle Certain people who love to derail treads roun here.
  13. You and Bellevue. Is Bellevue paying you to advertise them? You said that to me with my Greta problem. And like 100 times to a bunch of lunatic foamers. =p
  14. Hello just need sample black 1980's platform sign: 96th St.
  15. It's called the user CP. You just go there and go to change avatar. They have NTT logos of ALL lines.

  16. I'd like one that said: : To Forest Hills/71 : Next Stop : Bway-Lafeyette : 9:26 PM
  17. There ain't one NJT train with a 3rd rail shoe.
  18. But the M8 are approved to run into Penn under catenary!
  19. Shane...a mod? FINALLLY

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