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  1. Yup...cept I don't have it too bad. My communication skills are horrible tho.

  2. It's called the user CP. You just go there and go to change avatar. They have NTT logos of ALL lines.

  3. Shane...a mod? FINALLLY

  4. Chris Henderson, R32 3838 on the forums. If you look at his profile picture he's wearing the same yellow striped shirt.

  5. Happy birthday Andy! NJT and Septa!!!!!

  6. Nice meeting you man. we should chill sometime.

  7. IDK!! I woke up with it one morning.

  8. Glad you bought and breezed through it, I currently working on a sequel and another completely new book so look out. BTW my girl got new glasses and they look just like your for a sec I saw you Profile Pic for a sec i was like Christine IS BROAD ST BELLE?!!! lol.

  9. Moderator huh? Congrats!

  10. Happy Birthday My dearest fan!

  11. Sorry for answering so late but yes I am, I working on a different series called "The Fastest Way Uptown"

  12. Nothing much, sorry for not replying soon got tied up.

  13. Never knew you were that pretty. =)

  14. I'm posting one up tomorrow. Thanks for reminding. I'm so sorry cuz I've been in and out the Bronx alot so...

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