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  1. That means I should be getting mine too any day now.
  2. Just month and year. They don't care about the exact date. They didn't have a problem with that when I first got hired.
  3. If you were never convicted, then you don't have to worry. They only want to know about convicted felonies. But DO tell them of the termination. Infact, make sure that is filled out in your "homework".
  4. Mention it to them but chances are, it's no biggie. They really want to know if you've been convicted of felonies.
  5. Inform them of the USPS termination. If your misdemeanor is sealed, then its like it never happened. That what being sealed means.
  6. Oh, then if you didn't get a ticket, then you really have nothing to worry about.
  7. If you got a ticket, just let them know tomorrow and when you get the chance to, pay the fine.
  8. They are about to hit number 1400 for hiring.
  9. Damn. Before, they use to just take it out of your first paycheck.
  10. Correct the June, July and about two to three more classes after. Not sure of the numbers myself. But the average is about 30 usually.
  11. You don't need to be an NYC resident All they want is the month and year.
  12. Here's the deal: right now they need 200 conductors. After those 200 are hired, it will be at their discretion how many more they will need after. So as always said, there's not real definate time frame as hiring will be and always has been on an as needed basis. That's how it goes.

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