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  1. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Fan Railer hit it right on the nose. Infact, if you go onto NYCSubway.org, youll see pics of a special car they built to mimick the size of the R44s to test the clearances.
  2. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The standards have more of an "overhang"-and a shorter truck center difference.
  3. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The R110B was never locked. 67ft is the maximum length allowed to be unlocked as long as the truck center difference is the same as the 110B, which was slightly longer than the standards. The swing isn't too extreme. I asked this in New Car Engineering and again in School Car.
  4. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The feature is only on 75ft cars. Those are locked by default for safety reasons. The fact that when on curves, the doors are extremely misaligned and the anticlimbers are narrow. On every other car, they are left unlocked to assure that if any incident happens, passengers can escape to the other cars. If you remember when the 142s and 160s first arrived they had handles on both door panels , now only one of them has a handle. This is because in Europe, a car full of passengers got robbed because the criminals wrapped a chain between the two handles, locking everyone in. This can't happen with only one handle. This is what was told to us by our TSS in school car.
  5. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Only on 75 ft cars. So it literally is an issue.
  6. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    ^^^^^THIS!!!!! You're awesome!!
  7. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Its all good. I am surprised what with all the heads that have rode the train, report it's location and on the first few days, rode the train up and down the line, no one has compiled and posted the terminal departure times except for that first Sunday.
  8. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Right about now if it's been consistant, it's probably finishing it's last trip into Rockaway and leaving Mott as a lay-up to pitkin. Around not long passed this time, I've passed it twice this week leaving Rockaway OOS. When I respond to a post in particular, I quote it, for future record.
  9. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    That wasn't answering your question. That was asking the the forum in general. And there's plenty here who in a colaborative effort, can do the work as a whole. Don't take things so personal. If you go back a page or two, a few have stated that it's getting to the point where every other post is "where's the train now?".
  10. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Well that's what they usually do. Twice this week I got to Rockaway from work passing it going to pitkin. They would have one schedule for weekdays, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.
  11. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Has no one been keeping track of what times this thing leaves the terminals? Chances are, it's going to rum the same schedule every weekday. This would not only allow us no know where the train is, but eliminate everyone asking all damn day! You guys are railfans! This is what railfans do! Before the net, this is how we found trains. Terminals only. We can use the actual published shcedule to make the timepoints along the line. But someone has to say "hey, it's thr blah blah blah out of 207. Amd keep track of it front there. Someone go back in this thread and find the times from Sunday so atleast this Sunday every other post won't be "where it's at? "
  12. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    They did. Both R110s
  13. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    They all want that "HD Rare" of it on the A. Lol
  14. Far Rock Depot

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I agree with both of you. And after Sunday, and everyone chasing it like mad is probably why they didn't make it's schedule public like they use to. Railfans..... Well, foamers, have gotten worse.
  15. Far Rock Depot

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    If you fall victim to the 1:3 rule, they will send you a letter stating such. It's already happened to a friend of mine. Everyone, you gotta remember that for this list, DCAS is not involved. This one is all Transit. Which means they are still working out the kinks with how they do this. The OPA is new too. Be patient. I'm in the mid 15**'s. I've only gone in once for the PE back in may. And I've been thru this process before. A lot of us when we started this jouney informed many here that one of the best things to so is to take the test, and go about your norm. Theres no set timetable. There has never been. As far as taking time off to go to 180, that's never changed. And never will. You gotta do what you can to go on a few days notice. For 8094. I lived update Woking for Walmart. I made it. Two PE's and a M/FP. Four hour Amtrak ride.


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