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  1. Evrythign except bus op, RTO and any other positions deemed Service Delivery. Basically the jobs that are on freeze involves working in the office buildings. What we are waiting for are not frozen. They will continue to hire on a as needed basis until further notice. So for all those who are above 155x don't worry about the freeze. If they stop calling for a while, it's because no positions are available yet. When they are, they will resume.
  2. So how it goes is, when you start orientation/school car, you are on probation for one year. After the year, you are no linger probationary and a civil service employee. During thst probation, you can be terminated at their discretion basically. Nine months in I was terminated. So I had to wait for the next test, take it all over again, now here I am waiting for my medical/final processing email.
  3. Yes. I didn't make it through probation. Let's just say, when they tell you be careful even when your not on the clock, they aren't playing. Even if you're not doing anything wrong yourself.
  4. According to an internal memo, there is a hiring freeze EXCEPT for "service delivery" positions.
  5. As far as the q114 reroute, it's about time! The issue isn't the Q113 being unreliable, it's more of the flooding that constantly happens along Brookvile Rd. As far as traffic along Rockaway Blvd, it's only bad between the Nassau expressway and Brookville. Between brookvilke and Brewer, it's a straight highway-like shot with about one or two traffic lights in between. This change is also streamlining the two routes, similar to the q52/53 for when it may just become sbs in the future. The only difference between the q113/114 now is the routing within nassau county.
  6. Not exactly. See, right after that test was given, there was a full hiring freeze, so it was a few years before they started calling from that one. I woukd know, I took that test and got hired from it. But there really isn't no time-frame. It varies depending on when they need people.
  7. I'm so anxious! Still waiting for the Medical email. 155x and nothing in my email yet.
  8. Has anyone else in the 155x's or higher besides Riku received the email for final processing?
  9. That means I should be getting mine too any day now.
  10. There are 2 sets on the A now to be exact.
  11. Just month and year. They don't care about the exact date. They didn't have a problem with that when I first got hired.
  12. If you were never convicted, then you don't have to worry. They only want to know about convicted felonies. But DO tell them of the termination. Infact, make sure that is filled out in your "homework".

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