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  1. Yeah, don't go by trip planner. The covid-19 page of mta. Info states that they will have normal weekday service yet in the very next sentence it says that they are ramping up to weekday service on most lines. Fact is, take all of what they say with a grain of salt. They still don't have all of their Crews working, they still have 318 cars oos due to the incident at Chambers St. Not all of the lines will run. Not all of the normal scheduled trips will run. There's a pandemic. It probably won't be "normal" for a few weeks. Trip planner and subway time won't be adjusted perfectly. Even their website will have some misleading info. Even their Twitter updates can lack info and timing. The MTA like to pad their stats and status. Trust me on that.
  2. So they are running an expanded essential service. Not normal serviceHeadways may be longer than normal and yes, there's no Rockaway park A service (rush hour). Only the shuttle. The system isn't fully back to normal. Theres still Crews out, ridership is no where near normal, and many people still won't be returning to work just yet. Trip planner and subway time may or may not be working properly. But one thing is for sure, the schedules are still not fully 100%. And honestly, subway time was nevwe 100% working right. The railroads are running at about 90% it's Norman schedule and all LIRR trains are off peak. Don't look for normal service anytime soon. Just because NYC is at "phase 1" of re-opening doenst mean our transit system is back to normal. We still have the overnight closure, and extra bus service during that time.
  3. Not accurate . As far as technologies, the 179s are more in line with the 143s and 160s with only small improvements here and there. The 211s will be a whole new way of working. As far as trainlining current NTTs, they only can mechanically. Meaning, if the need to do a mix consist for a non-revenue move, they can. But that's it. They won't mix well in passenger service.
  4. I wish someone told me this back in 2015 when I was terminated. I too made it to the 9 month mark. After getting "1 in three'd" this time around I was told I too can get my name Restored on the list. About to do that next month.
  5. Once you got hired, that's it for you on that list. You can indeed take the next test. I'm currently working on getting recertified onto this list since I was one in three'd. That you can try.
  6. Nope. But I know what ot was which is BS to me since when I wad terminated, I made sure to ask if I can reapply and get rehited and they told me yeah cause they even rehire felons.
  7. So I finally got the letter in the mail from transit saying that I was passed over. Someone inside told me that I can get my name put back on this list but the letter says only Transit can request to put me back on the list. It's not lookin good for my return.
  8. Short sleeves are OK. Infact, when you get your uniform, it consists of both short and long sleeve shirts.
  9. Before you can retire, you have to do 25 years, or until you're 55. Which ever comes last.
  10. So im going to assume-key word- that either they want to make sure your first one wasn't botched, or they found something unusual and want to verify with a second. Nothing major. Just go thru with it woth no worries. Not every lab gets every test right.
  11. They do the 1 in 3 between the pre employment and the medical/final processing.
  12. Every list, open competitive and promotional, is subject to the 1 in 3 rule.
  13. I'm trying but idk man. Everyone gets an email. They go past my number by 90 and tell me they sent a letter I'm getting any day now. A friend of mine got a letter last summer when they were up to his number. He fell victim to the 1 in 3 rule. If one person here who got called for Medical for this test received a letter instead of an email I'll be less worried. But they did pass my number.

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