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  1. happy belated birthday! Nice avatar BTW! Lt. Garber. Love the original! Walter Matthau was the MAN!

  2. Hey! I do indeed remember the 27/30's on the C. My freshman year of high school I use to take the C to not only kill time on the way home(my school was in east midtown) but the fact that the B division had redbirds of their own. Although not as good as the IRT's. Those C's always emptied out by rockaway blvd

  3. Thanks bro! Yours is one month away!!!

  4. Thanks alot!!!!! Happy Belated to you!

  5. too lazy to read or even listen to announcements. or even just asking someone. and the MTA offers so many ways of being told of things. Emails, website info, even tweets on twitter. people just pop in their headphones and expect door to door service almost. LOL

  6. to me, having LEDs on Flushing's 62s is the MTA giving people more of a reason to have the MTA "Hold their hand" when riding. like for instance, how many times have we seen a GO poster on every pillar and no one pays attention, then wanna yell at an employee when they cant figure out why their train is rerouted. passengers use to pay attention back in the day. now they expect everything handed to them IMHO.


    and thank you for the info! :tup:

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