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  1. I live in DC/VA now for my new job, and I don't agree with that ad. I totally hate the WMATA system. Delays, heavy reliance on technology, and it's not THAT much cleaner than NYC. I would rather stay in NYC and use the MTA/NYCT. Our system is way older and larger to manage than a younger, minuscule and inefficient WMATA. Despicable that they are raising fares multiple times and still issuing these "subtalk" (as we MTA calls them) ads. NYC complain about its transit system all the time, but when you head out to explore, the MTA is rather efficient and organized, and, not to mention, user-
  2. Nice question. Capital are usually in technology and long-term investments to increase productivity. No investments, no returns. The MTA is too labor-intensive at this point, with too few additions in capital. You can't blame Walder for the current faults, as mentioned by Kamen. He's working with constraints set by Albany, and it is the Legislature that controls what the MTA can and can't do. They failed to pass congestion pricing to support drivers. State and City funding to the MTA is tremendously lower than say forty years ago. I think Walder has done a lot to transform the sys
  3. Don't want to start a war here, but don't forget it's a budget we have the fix. Chair Walder is doing his best from past admins's mistakes. Labor and capital costs money if you want a better system. You cannot add service without additional funding. Re-routing the M to run on Sixth Avenue and Queens Blvd maximizes output. Running the M via West End and and 4th will not when you cut the V. Work with the constraints.
  4. If anyone's interested. Radio Reference (some one) is broadcasting the NYPD Transit Div 3 for Brooklyn and Queens: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?feedId=3685
  5. rerouted via 7th Avenue in both directions Only 1 was sent down Lex, but that was early in the re-routes. suspended between Borough Hall (depending on switches) and Grand Central (as stated by announcements) VERY LIMITED SERVICE between the Bronx and Grand Central. There were like 3 trains that arrived at Grand Central on the Northbound side before turning around. last stop at Grand Central and sent back up to the Bronx. The used the Northbound Local and Express tracks at Grand Central for turnaround, almost never allowing a to GC. I suspect the turned around in the Bronx, possib
  6. North of 8th Avenue on Sea Beach; they used to be one. Rockefeller Center/47-50 Sts - on auto West 4th Street - Active 57th Street/7th Avenue - Active City Hall - Active
  7. South of Atlantic-Pacific on the 4th Avenue Local branch. 14th Street/Union Square on all Lex tracks
  8. Some times the rails are for the work trains / materials. Instead of dragging entire load, they some times have small car sets during construction/maintenance. Some entire rail bars are leftover from past work or as a backup in case a rail breaks. For example, they leave extras in City Hall for Cortlandt St (it was marked) in case anything goes wrong on the curve to prepare for temporary installment. I guess a good example would be the 57th/7th small derailment a while back.
  9. According to Walder at today's Developer MTA/Google Unconference, the goal is to have 100 by the end of this year and beyond 200 by the end of 2011. Walder is a leader; he champions ICT!!
  10. Indeed, when I saw that response I was impressed (you can guess I was the person that responded to the earlier email). Hopefully, we'll here some good news at this Wednesday's Unconference on Open Data.
  11. 170th St. on the Jerome Av. Line Manhattan-bound is on. I think Kingsbridge Road is next, as I saw them fixing the CIS box.
  12. Sorry for not being so active in this forum as often...anyways. I got some pics for the R160 trains Caught about four different R160s this weekend. The first photo was very quick. I was on the N going southbound at 8th Street/NYU. I caught a glimpse of the heading uptown. One of the cars was 9715. It was 8:11 PM heading north. You can see the LCD "QUEENS BLVD LCL" Sorry for the blurriness. The subsequent photos are from the train ride this morning at 7:32 AM from Atlantic-Pacific heading into Manhattan. The lead car was 9462 and the second half was 9807. I didn't
  13. FYI-- http://gothamist.com/2010/01/30/flashback_3.php
  14. Ahhh....guys, did you read the article? They're are estimating only eight weekends for the entire construction span. There is no need to do long-termweekend rerouting, because we have had several similar changes already.

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