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  1. Here are all of the ones tracking from September 3rd through the 19th on the route 13. 9508 9510 9511 9514 9516 9517 9518 9519 9520 9521 9522 9523 9525 9526 9546 9548 9549
  2. 20827 20829 20830 20831 are now in service out of Big Tree. 20828 hasn't yet been spotted. 9528, 9530,9531,9533 are now tracking on Fairview's routes. Along with 9502 9503 9504 9505 9506. Looks like just 9536 is the lonewolf at Hilton. Also I've created this app, https://www.philadelphiatransitvehicles.info/NJT/NJT_selector.html to track the final days of the Neoplans & MCIs among other NJT buses.
  3. Are the buses which operate on the M60 governed at an lower speed as oppose to their other transit counterparts? I've ridden on the M60 (5450) and the bus never exceeded 30 mph on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge .
  4. Any idea if they would use any of the R42s on the weekend this time around after reactivation?
  5. Are these to be resold off to other agencies, retired, or return back to service one day? Also 4025 with 4030 can be added as well.
  6. Do they still have those buses? Also are the RTS trackable on Bustime?

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