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  1. You are correct about that.. Extra extra you are at the mercy of the Crew Office and they do not care about our problems... Putting in for days off and hope you get it and you do not ,then you book off and as a probationary employee all that does is gets your probation extented then you have a incident they look to terminate..
  2. You Mean as in Upper management im assuming...
  3. You are correct they got plenty of folks down here who will do an extra trip in a heartbeat... Or stay late four hrs doing switching..Or Platform... TA Knows this.. I do feel some Supts jobs are being looked at.. I am not talking about the ones out in the field with us either.. Lots of dead weight in those office buildings who will get shown the door.. Stations once again will take it on the chin also access a ride folks too..
  4. Also by reorganizing certain lines in the Pick they are able to cut jobs... Also cutting 25 work train positions in the B Div... So now those TOs and CRs who barely had picked Jobs are bumped back to Extra extra.. No need to hire that many since they have enough personnel.
  5. Correction It was 8897-9013 set i operated that on my last half coming from STL last night.. Sucka had spotted wheels though.. Kinda killed my mojo with that Siemens propulsion...
  6. BTW the Fox is now 100 percent R160's operated 8803 and 8712 myself yesterday... Also 8653 is out there on the Fox also.. One Siemens set i spotted also 89 something also on the Fox they are saving those sets for as long as possible.. Eventually they'll become the Korridors Property as well only a matter of time...
  7. As of last Friday TWO R46s was in service on the Fox..... Six R160s spotted on the Romeo though same day..
  8. There are Coney Island trains showing up more and more on the Queens Lines.. So far i have spotted six sets...
  9. That means making up other supplements and work program changes... In other words No... It will cost more, crew costs are something they are looking to trim down not increase....
  10. They was hoping to get this Online but.... Employee availability Trumps CBTC training... Meaning we so short staffed that they cannot train enough of us to get this to go ahead... So we wait until they can train enough of us...
  11. Because it is... You think testing always applies to trains not being in passenger service? I suggest you wait.. Like everyone else is and when you see it you see it. Be patient...
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