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  1. Software issues almost complete Echos and Mikeys Normal in 53rd street.. Foxes still in Bypass(Only during the Rutgers shutdown GO).
  2. Software issues.. Heh...;)
  3. CBTC In effect(ATPM Mode only) starting Monday 0500 hrs from Court Square to 50th and 8th ave on the Echo and 47th-50th street on the Mikey Both Directions...
  4. MTA police dont dictate our policies.. If there are passengers in a station they get on the train.. If there are trains in service.. I seen this already....
  5. Not true entirely true when i leave STL(2341) there are two more trains behind me in passenger service. As long as the train is in service even if its after 0100 hrs train can pick up anybody on the platform.. Now when i get to the terminal then its everybody off go upstairs and the MTA police are there (along with the outreach people) to see that happens.. It happens....
  6. CBTC is only from Kew to Roosevelt on all four tracks.... Not all trains have CBTC enabled due to lack of personnel qualified.. This GO with the 53rd street tube shut down they are installing more CBTC equipment, they will run test trains through that area.
  7. If there is a signal problem (depending if its past Bway Junction or not) depends on how the system is. There procedures to do when keying by a signal when in CBTC Mode. Put it this way the more signals the easier it is. Now a CBTC failure is basically no movement past bway Junction not enough signal protection.
  8. ATO wont be used for some time im told.. The CBTC limit area is only from Kew Gardens to Roosevelt ave all four tracks. There are certain "kinks" that need to be worked out.. Only 6 trains on the F line have CBTC enabled the Dispt will inform the Crew. If a TO isn't qualified the train stays in Bypass. The thing that Kicks rocks is the work zones.. Instead of it clearing once the front of the train clears the resume it clears when the back of the train does.. I went through three of em from Roosevelt to Kew gardens on my last half.. Felt like my hand was gonna fall off lol..
  9. After re-reading what hes saying I'm starting to wonder this myself....
  10. Depends there's no timetable for things like that.. I was extra extra for nearly 5 years... BTW they "froze" your sick time? Can you elborate?
  11. Only for MTA employees they are stopping at the stations.. Just aren't picking up any passengers..
  12. CBTC Will be in effect from Kew To 21st street or Queens Plaza when ready.. Right now the CBTC test train is only running in full CBTC mode from Kew to Roosevelt.. Two trains per day are running in a form of CBTC... Most G lay Ups are along B3/4 track so that wont effect any CBTC train on B1 or B2 track...
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