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  1. I concur with this.... You got managers who are in these forums as well as other supervision.. Please do not be like some of these Cats down here who always tell their tales in RTO online or in social media.. Once yer labeled down here it stays with you for as long as you are down here..
  2. Good Post here i learned a few things!
  3. I have to say y'all got it easy these days when i started in 2001 there was no social media.. No groups online to help us.. People wanted us to crash and burn we got dirty looks in crew rooms T/Os refusing to take us as students.. We had to learn everything on our own, make our own Line Up cards route Books... It was much harder to get through Schoolcar.. Oh and the Former head of Schoolcar Rocko Cortse had NO patience....
  4. There is a difference between mistakes and mistakes that become compounded making things worse.
  5. Man over here in the B Div im hearing chit usually once a week about Incidents.. There was one yesterday... Some of these folks are listening to these crew room lawyers with their nonsense telling them "oh you'll just get sent back to Schoolcar dont sweat it"... So they think its all good they gonna find out... Gibbs is losing her patience...
  6. Uuumm it has happened quite a few times actually..... I was in one of the first three classes hired from the OC list in 2000 trust me i seen it...
  7. She went to Twitter and promptly got blasted due to the fact there was a Seat next to him.. Oh BTW supervisors aren't covered by that "We have to give up a seat rule" if im correct... People like her are the reason we are in this mess with the riding public because people feel they can say what they want and do what they want to us without any repercussion... I feel its encouraged by TA with this Twitter nonsense... That Twitter page is basically became a "snitch on a TA employee page even if they are doing their job"...
  8. No they wont he was defending himself...
  9. Some people just think they can do whatever to us i blame social media where morons with voices are heard all day every day.. The no respect just continues when will it stop?
  10. Heres another hint.. For those doing Mikey Lay Ups to D3 Parsons when you get to Briarwood go into the station(The Homesignal will always be at danger so do not bother to call the tower asking for the line up) and Punch at the ten car not eight car marker.. Parsons Tower cant see you in the camera if you punch at the 8 car marker.
  11. Been reading this thread since the beginning good to see folks are learning and people are getting posted.. Just REMEMBER there is no stupid question ask ask ask.. Over here in the B Div there are lots of knowledgeable folks who are more than willing to help..... Oh and be very Mindful what is said on the radio they are sending TSSs out there to check up on those who "should know" and act on the radio like they do not know.. Never get RCC involved with things that are simple and easy to figure out....
  12. For those in this post who are YX and are working Queens Espiecally switching at 179.. If you have a relay on Two track ...Here’s a little rhyme that will help... “Red Circle K no IJ” You cannot Key those.. Please Utlize that lever associated with said Signal thanks!...
  13. There is a switch just south of 18th street on 1 track going to 3 track.. The one shot is there to prevent homesignal overrun if the signal is at danger... It also slows down the express because of said switch...
  14. No you are not supposed to.. They will focus on the rules you should know during your training... Yet after you get your feet wet with things start to read up on them when you can... I suggest you wait till after you get out of Schoolcar... You should be in month number two now...

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