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  1. Thanks, I would post them here but it's a real pain upload photos twice. Also, that and whats the point of posting them here when no one seems to appreciate them. As far as the narrow mindedness goes, I dont care enough to really post an in depth response on here.

  2. I was down there last month, that new track is in but it's not connected. The project seems to have stalled a bit and the lot it runs though is still filled with cars

  3. INDman

    Thanks LRG

  4. Nothing much...

  5. Nope I only turned 21 at the beginning of March. I forget where I got my avatar but I thought it was damn cool and fitting.

  6. INDman

    I have not heard about lead, I don't think they have any either. They do have asbestos though even though the GOH contract called for them to be abated. Also the R46s do have carbon steel as part of the car body, but not the frame so they "should" be ok.

  7. Sorry, I could get in alot of trouble for selling a vest. The only way to get one is to work for the MTA or know someone who will give you one.

  8. Nah, the boots.

  9. So did you get them?

  10. Do we have any thig due for sociology for friday?

  11. So... how do I count GO posters as collectibles?

  12. Give me a day or two.

  13. The Low-V charter is canned for sure. DD and I were thinking of going to Riverhead on Saturday to the LIRR museum but it might be canceled due to bad weather. I don't know what is going to happen untill I talk to DD thursday, but if we do not go to LI then I will come up to BERA. I will know by thursday night.

  14. Hey Zman, I was the guy with BMTGuy today at 179th street.

  15. Saturday 8/29, BERA for RT charter with DD and some RTO peeps. Let me know what you think.

  16. damn man, that sucks.

  17. You going on the trip sunday?

  18. I think so but I won't know till Thursday

  19. Abandon Rockaway ROW excision?

  20. Do you work for C Division? If so what yard are you out of?

  21. My gamer tag for XBox 360 is redbird33, I'm not online with it much but next time I am I'll look for you.

  22. I would like to go, but I have one more final to study for that day. I think the next time I will go up will be the June RT weekend.

  23. You know it!

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